This Kiwi sheila is faster than a speeding bullet … but could a lump of kryptonite slow her down?

A Dom-Post report on a shooting spree in California gives an account from a woman from Hawke’s Bay.

The front-page story says she ran for her life during the spree that left six people dead in her neighbourhood in Isla Vista, Santa Barbara.

The headline atop this report says –

Kiwi flees madman’s bullets

Bullets are fast.

According to Yahoo answers the speed of a bullet depends on the calibre, the amount and type of powder, and the bullet weight.

Most rifle calibers travel at supersonic speeds. The “crack” you hear is a mini sonic boom. Most handgun calibers travel much slower than that. Average speed for a 9mm handgun round is about 1100 feet per second. Some large caliber rifle rounds travel at speeds up to and beyond 4000 feet per second.

To flee a bullet, accordingly, the Kiwi woman must be able to run really fast.

Our athletics officials should take note.

Her name is Amelia Lyons.

What we are not told is the distance she ran while fleeing the bullets.

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