Some stuff is best read for laughs, including advice to take the Internet Party seriously

Sadly, he is not on the Internet Mana list.

Sadly, he is not on the Mana Internet list.

Alf enjoys humour so was immediately tempted to look for the laughs that were bound to be extracted from a Herald item under the headline:

John Armstrong: Internet Mana best taken seriously

Armstrong is a political writer for whom Alf might have a higher regard were he to take some note of the Eketahuna North member’s words of wisdom, which flow regularly in speeches in the House, on the hustings and to mates in the Eketahuna Club, but are never recorded by the aforementioned political writer.

This lack of an appreciation for powerful and well-considered rhetoric means Alf reads Armstrong only for the chuckles.

He got them in this piece today.

Harre’s appointment will blur the lines between the two component parties. Her beliefs as such would slot easily into Mana’s vision. The upshot is that Harawira has effectively negotiated the formation of a “Super Mana Party” – and one funded by Dotcom for the four months until the election to the tune of $3 million.

Neither Harawira nor Harre are shrinking violets. Harre can also be an abrasive personality. The big test will be for them to get on and work collaboratively – rather than treading on each other’s toes. The first target must be the destruction of National’s ally, the Maori Party.

The $3 million war chest will help considerably. When was the last time – if ever – that a party of the left had that kind of money to throw around in an election?

The net effect of the week’s comings-and-goings is that the Internet Party suddenly has to be taken seriously.

It can no longer be dismissed as a rich man’s indulgence doubling as a potential, but still unlikely lifeline for Dotcom to escape deportation.

Alf won’t quibble with the bit about this being an unlikely lifeline for Dotcom to duck a deportation order.

But asking us to take the Internet Party seriously is like calling for Monty Python to be elevated to the same status as McBeth.

Among the reasons why Alf is disinclined to take that advice is the headline atop last week’s column:

John Armstrong: Labour starting to look like contender

In this case, Alf confesses to being a staunch National Party member who brings a serious doctrinal bias to his interpretation of last weekend’s poll results.

Accordingly he likens Labour’s prospects of looking like a real contender for the election this year in much the same way as he regards Stephen Hawking as a possible contender for the world heavyweight boxing title.

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