Try becoming a broadcaster, if you are not Labour’s Flavell of the month – or try another party

Dunno what is so disagreeable about Will Flavell within Labour ranks.

He looks like a decent bloke, from where Alf sits.

He probably is.

Nevertheless it’s as if an ABF movement is thriving in the Labour Party – Anyone But Flavell.

We all know about the ABC bunch (for Anyone But Cunliffe). They had the great good sense of wanting somebody else as leader for reasons that in recent weeks have become abundantly clear.

Why Flavell should be brushed aside is not so obvious to we political sages in the Eketahuna Club.

Maybe it’s a matter of BONA (for Broadcasters Only Need Apply).

A few weeks ago the stoic Will Flavell happened to be left as the lone Labour nominee to stand in Tamaki Makaurau.

That would have made him a shoo-in at the TAB if this was a horse race.

At that time the party had a broadcaster, Shane Taurima, as a fellow contender but he had blotted his copybook at TVNZ and was red-carded by Labour’s bosses.

Flavell said he was disappointed he wouldn’t have the opportunity to contest Taurima for the nomination.

But he was not worried about other people putting their hands up to represent Labour. Mr Flavell said he did not believe in automatic nomination.

Instead, he supported the idea of earning the support of the party’s membership and the Tamaki Makaurau constituency.

Good for him.

Labour duly went looking for someone else to put a hand up – and maybe helped lift it up on finding someone they wanted more than Flavell.

In the upshot Labour has finally chosen its candidate for the crucial Maori seat: former sports commentator Peeni Henare.

Henare, the great grandson of former Northern Maori MP Tau Henare was selected this afternoon to contest the Auckland Maori electorate.

President Moira Coatsworth said he was an ”impressive” candidate who was fluent in te reo and has a background in public and community services.

Henare, now Ministry for Social Development business advisor, said: “It is time to bring the seven Maori seats back home to Labour. Lets start with taking back Tāmaki Makaurau.”

It seems he has worked for the ministry since 2001 and is a trustee of Ngati Hine Forestry Trust. From 2008 to 2011, he was a commentator for Maori Television.

Radio NZ reminds us the search for a suitable candidate was protracted.

Nominations were re-opened last month when former TV presenter Shane Taurima was denied a waiver from the party’s ruling council.

He needed special permission to stand because his membership was less than a year old.

This was denied after he was found to have used TVNZ resources to campaign for the party.

We are further reminded the party had hoped to secure another TV personality – Maori TV’s Julian Wilcox – but he ruled himself out.

Will Flavell was left as the only contender – but only until the party decided to invite further nominations.

So what does that tell an aspiring politician?

To become a bloody broadcaster, if he wants to cut the mustard with the pinkos.

Or bail out of that waka and get into a more seaworthy one. Like the National Party.

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