On the widely discussed matter of what Banksie should now do, can we agree on one thing?

Re all the hullabaloo about John Banks.

First, Banksie was found guilty of filing a false electoral return.

Justice Wylie said he was not persuaded beyond reasonable doubt that the return was false in relation to the SkyCity donation, but he was sure the return was false when it came to the Megastuff payments.

Then came the political responses.

Among them was an ACT New Zealand statement from someone unnamed who nevertheless said

“I am surprised by the verdict in the case against Mr Banks as the John Banks I know would never knowingly file a false return. However, we must accept the Court’s decision.”


“I agree with the Prime Minister that this decision will not affect the ACT brand as all matters concerned relate to the 2010 Auckland mayoral election where John Banks stood as an Independent. He was not a member of ACT at the time.”

On the other hand, there were inevitable howls from Greenies and Lefties for Banks’ to resign as an MP.

Labour’s David Cunliffe called for the PM to remove the coat-tailing provisions from the Electoral Act.

Alf is indifferent to whether Banksie stays or goes as an MP.

But he does observe one thing on which he believes there should be no dispute.

Contrary to his trenchantly expressed views on many issues, the Member for Epsom – at least for now – is a bloke without convictions.

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