When you are better off in Iraq than England, the Scots have a good case for independence

Sassenachs should stick to their side of the wall.

Sassenachs should stick to their side of the wall.

A British judge has come up with a damned good reason for the Scots to vote for independence in the upcoming referendum.

Independence would cut them loose from the clutches of a country that is plainly on the skids.

If the Scots are smart (and Alf happens to know they are) they will then restore Hadrian’s Wall and make damned sure the Sassenachs are kept well away from contaminating them.

The judge was obliged to make a ruling in the case of an Iraqi Kurdish bloke who sought permission to take his son back to Erbil in Kurdistan.

The judge agreed.

A story in the Daily Mail gives enough information to suggest the father had a good case for taking his son away from Britain.

But it’s the judge’s reasoning that jolted Alf about the extent of Britain’s decline – the English bit of it, at least.

The judge said the seven-year-old will have a ‘significantly superior material lifestyle’ than he would in the north of England.

The father in the case happens to have fled to Britain more than a decade ago and claimed asylum.

Mr Justice Cobb said the man, in his late 20s, had obtained British citizenship after arriving in the UK in 2002 and worked in a fast-food restaurant in a town in the north east of England.

He said the boy’s mother and father had never married and were not together.

And further on we are told…

Mr Justice Cobb said he had formed a ‘favourable view’ of the man. The judge described him as ‘thoughtful and sensitive’ and said he was a ‘conscientious’ parent.

The judge said members of the boy’s maternal family had raised ‘understandable concerns’ about security in Kurdistan.

But the man had ‘asserted confidently’ that the situation had been ‘materially different’ when he left in 2002 because Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein had been alive.

The judge said the man, his wife and son would live in their own home, the man had been offered a job with a kitchen fitting company and the boy had a place in a school.

Mr Justice Cobb said the man’s working hours in Kurdistan would be more sociable and he would have a wider support network.

‘It appears to me that were (the boy) to reside in Kurdistan he could expect to enjoy a material lifestyle which is significantly superior to that which she has so far enjoyed in the UK,’ said the judge.

This tells us heaps about the state of a Britain that once was Great.

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