All Means All – and a hunger strike in jail should mean the pest is allowed to slowly waste away


And why – can someone explain – has All Means All been sent to hospital?

This irksome fellow with a very silly name has been banged up in Christchurch Men’s Prison and should be kept there.

But according to this report at Stuff, the plonker has been rushed to hospital again “as he continues his four-week hunger strike”.

All is serving a four-month sentence for repeatedly threatening to kill Prime Minister John Key in a series of letters.

The prison authorities should have left him in his cell to keep on doing what he wants to do, which is starve himself.


This would have been okay with judicial authorities, because:

The Corrections Department and the Canterbury District Health Board sought a declaration from the court on how they should handle the matter.

And then:

Justice Graham Panckhurst ruled in the High Court in Christchurch on Wednesday that no medical treatment would be forced on All as his health deteriorated because he did not consent.

It is not apparent from this Stuff report whether All needs medical treatment for some condition  (presumably not for constipation).

We do know that…

St John responded to a call at 12.08pm and sent an ambulance to Christchurch Men’s Prison on West Coast Rd, a spokesman said.

“We have transported one male patient, aged in his 50s, to Christchurch Hospital Emergency Department, in a moderate condition.”

Come to think of it, the shortage of detail means we can’t be sure the patient is All.

Corrections today declined to comment on whether All was being taken to hospital, saying it “does not comment on the management of individual prisoners”.

The health board also declined to comment.

But All has several times been admitted to hospital, where he has agreed to eat and drink.

So he jerks us around by starving himself in jail, is taken to be fattened up in hospital, and then…

His hunger strike has resumed each time he has been returned to prison.

He is refusing food (according to the Stuff report) because he accuses a detective of misconduct in giving evidence at his trial.

But Alf has been reading a 2010 court report about a fellow named Mark Stafford Feary who was demanding a prison sentence for threats to the Prime Minister and government officials and who had changed his name to All Means All.

He had been found guilty in Christchurch District Court and – guess what? – he had told the jury if he was sent to jail he would go on a hunger strike –

“I will not eat the corrupt Government’s food and I will not drink the corrupt Government’s water.”

Judge Raoul Neave refused to make a martyr of the 53-year-old Oxford farmer and opted for a financial penalty.

Since his convictions, Feary has changed his name to All Means All, a legal point he kept hammering during the trial where he denied 12 charges of threatening in emails or letters to cause grievous bodily harm, and two of sending faxes threatening to kill the Prime Minister. The faxes read: “It’s killing time.”

All Means All signs have gone up along Christchurch’s busiest roads, and he has posted pictures of his headstone to the crown prosecutor and the court.

The threats were made against the PM after a long-running property dispute with successive governments, about the family farm at Oxford.

Alf is unsure what transpired after All Means All was denied his request for a bit of jail time and self-imposed starvation on that occasion.

But he does know the bugger was back before the court a few months ago and was again talking of doing some serious dieting.

This time the judge was ready to accommodate his wish for martyrdom.

Alf understands that All had sent another lot of threatening letters in July 2012 to news media, the Prime Minister’s office, and parliamentary officials, with a message for the Prime Minister saying, “All’s going to kill you”.

And so…

Serial threat-maker All Means All has gone to jail for four months maintaining that he will not eat or drink until he is released.

The Oxford farmer is likely to serve two months’ jail time of that sentence for his repeated letters threatening to kill Prime Minister John Key over a long standing dispute with successive governments.

Judge Jane Farish told the 57-year-old: “From the outset you have told the court and the jury that you will refuse food and water. You wish to make a martyr of yourself and take a stand. That is entirely your choice.

“You are responsible for your own actions and your own choices. I imagine that the hospital authorities and the psychiatric authorities may have some intervention at that time.”

All Means All politely thanked the judge when he was sentenced to four months’ imprisonment.

All had ruled out of home or community detention as a punishment by refusing to make his property available, he had said he would not do community work and he had paid nothing of the $20,000 fine imposed at the earlier trial.

That meant imprisonment was the only option left, in spite of All Means All’s hunger strike threat.

All repeatedly referred in court to ”the prime minister’s criminally corrupt thugs” and said the Government’s position was that ”words don’t mean what they say”.

This apparently explains Feary’s change of name to All Means All.

It does not explain why someone who has vowed not to eat the government’s food nor drink its drink will eat hospital food.

But Alf observes one very satisfying aspect of this perverse behaviour: it sounds like prison food must be even less palatable than hospital food.

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