Does Rolf’s jail term mean fellow inmates must endure his accordion music for almost six years?

But fellow inmates would have cause to complain if plays it in jail.

But fellow inmates might have cause to complain if he took it into jail with him.

Rolf Harris hasn’t done quite as well in a British court as a contender to the Maori throne did in a court in this country.

Nevertheless Rolf has been treated more generously than Alf expected. He will be banged up for just five years and nine months (a doddle, really, by the time good behaviour comes into considerations) and the cops have opted not to make the bugger stand trial for possessing a stash of child porn.

Mind you, the jail term was almost immediately referred to the UK’s Attorney General for being ‘unduly lenient’ after concerns were raised by a small number of members of the public.

Dunno if the same thing happened in this country with regard to our pilfering Maori prince. Must have a chat with the Attorney-General, next time we meet.

Actually Alf mused on finding out if he could personally initiate an appeal against the prince’s treatment, but he talked himself out of it very quickly because of his high respect for royals of all persuasions.

Oh, the revelations about Rolf’s taste for porn is a new element of the case (although not surprising in the light of everything to emerge during the trial and since, both inside the court and out).

The Daily Mail has reported this aspect of Harris’s depravity (assuming you don’t accept his somewhat feeble explanation):

The police found the secret stash of child pornography images on his computer at home, it can now
be revealed.

He insisted any child pornography images found their way onto his hard drive by mistake when he was clicking from one site to another searching for ‘kind girls’ and ‘babes’.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) wanted to put the veteran entertainer on trial for possessing indecent images, but yesterday the charges were dropped amid fears that the CPS ‘could be considered oppressive’ in light of his conviction for indecent assault.

Harris’s lack of remorse came into considerations in court.

The Daily Mail’s court report said:

Mr Justice Sweeney said: ‘You have showed no remorse for your crimes at all.

‘Your reputation now lies in ruins. You have been stripped of your honours but you have no one to blame but yourself.’

The judge said despite his regard for his TV programmes and charitable works, he was a committed ‘sexual offender’, telling him: ‘You took advantage of the trust placed in you because of your celebrity status to commit the offences.

Oh, and another bit of something that was news to Alf involved his party colleague, Maggie Barry She has told of an encounter of a very disagreeable kind with the maestro of the wobbleboard.

Ms Barry told APNZ today how when Harris was in New Zealand she was recording an interview for a radio show she hosted from Palmerston North.

“He came in to the studio and we sat down and he started to do the old wandering hands thing and I stood up and said ‘well you can stop that right now’,” she said.

“I felt really cross. I thought how dare he, who does he think he is. I was outraged really.”
Ms Barry said she grew up watching Harris on the television and knew all his songs.

“In 30 years of broadcasting, that kind of thing just doesn’t happen.”,

When Maggie says she was cross, you can put your money on her Irish dander having been raised very much indeed.

Lee Howden, a former TVNZ makeup artist, has told of a more harrowing experience: she says she was sexually assaulted as she did his make-up for an on-air interview. She said she fled the room after he put his hand into her underwear.

While she never reported the incident, she was inspired to come forward after hearing Ms Barry’s account and was prepared to make an official police complaint.

Alf does not know if Rolf will be locked up with his wobbleboard or – much worse – his accordion. Making him play those instruments for 10 hours a day would make his punishment much more severe although the raucous noise that comes from these things might raise human rights issues among other inmates.

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