John Colman gets his right of reply

One John Colman has demanded the right of reply to something Alf posted  so long ago he had forgotten it. He imagines his constituents in Eketahuna North had forgotten it too.

The original item dealt with this Colman feller’s contretemps with the Brethren Church and our legal system and with some of the more robust language he could pull from his colourful vocabulary.

Alf is happy to give Colman his right of reply, but not exactly the way Colman expressed it. He has excised some of the naughty words (exercising his editorial prerogative) and one or two bits of Colman’s story that might land him or Alf in further trouble with the law.

He further points out that Colman won’t win Alf’s sympathy by describing him and Mrs Grumble as dickheads.

But as the constituents of Eketahuna North would tell him, Alf is a fair-minded fellow and willing to allow him his right of reply.

Right of reply, Alf, since you’ve ignored my email. In your blatant anti-Australian outpouring, you’ve hideously ignored the corrupt judicial system operating against the Bill of Rights that we are all entitled to have working for us in God-forsaken New Zealand. Rather than condemn me for attempting to expose this judicial corruption, you ought to be singing my praises. (As many others have)

In the originating incident, 7 members of the Brethren Church carried out a planned invasion of my suburban Whangarei property when I was least expecting it. I was gardening at the time, and very vulnerably I was alone. A point was reached when I was terrified, just as the hoard’s attack had been intended to achieve.

The Brethren’s mission was hostile, and I asked civilly at least 50 times for their visit to end, and for the intruders to simply get off my property and leave me alone. It was only when I told the unruly bunch what they really were, that they were a bunch of dangerous trespassing cunts, that they finally began leaving my property. A 30-plus minute trespass on my property was the reality of what had taken place. As they left, one of the Brethren’s called 111 to complain of my language. Needless to say, the 111 phone call did not mention that the entire half-hour 7-person trespass had played out on my property.

Two police responded. One of them, James Calvert (who had bought his house from the Brethren ringleader just a few months before) arrested me without any investigation of the circumstances. His colleague, a Constable Welsh, vehemently opposed my arrest, saying I was the victim that day, not a protagonist. Welsh ended up later resigning from the police over the police’s indecent decision to prosecute me for my legitimate attempts to end a trespass of my property. Constable Welsh’s police report, however, was kept secret within the confines of Whangarei police barracks over the ensuing years, and was kept secret from all the court processes.

I went to trial, and was – wait for this – ACQUITTED on the charge laid by Const Calvert. And that ought to have been the end of the matter for all time.

However, along the way I’d said some unsavoury things about Whangarei policing, so the then Whangarei police chief, Paul Dimery, had a second charge brought against me, long after I’d already been finally acquitted for the Calvert charge. Of course, this was in direct conflict with double jeopardy laws, and would not have been tolerated in any country of the world except New Zealand. A judge in his first ever criminal case, one Judge Simon Maude, passed the double jeopardy process as fit for muster, and a year after my acquittal, I was convicted for the same incident.

Rightly, this was overturned on appeal to the High Court, though the High Court did this overturning by the frankly-absurd process of “discharge without conviction” against the protestations of all parties to the court hearings. It was a stupid judicial conspiracy designed to deflect egg off the face of Judge Simon Maude.

Thus having reached the point of my having no convictions from the incident, but having had to go through a process involving 16 court hearings, (at a cost to you taxpayers of over $2 million) on the lowest of all possible charges in New Zealand criminal code (use of offensive language), I attempted to sue “you – the State of New Zealand” for your blatant NZ Bill of Rights Act breaches. The Courts would have none of it, and this is where you come in as indicative of the worst possible attitude of all New Zealanders to what is, after all, our Bill of Rights, you dickhead Alf, and your cohort, Mrs Dickhead Grumble.

Our Supreme Court ended up calling the entire court processes an “imbroglio”, but the Supreme Court explained away the repeated breaches of the NZ Bill of Rights Act.

Two notes to wrap this up for you, Alf. Former Whangarei Police Chief Dimery has since succumbed to some pressure to retire quite young, and he is now safely ensconced where he belongs as an innocuous Northland Regional councillor.

Supreme Court Justice Robert Chambers died of a heart attack just four days after his signing the ruling.

Next day, in a cruel twist of fate, Robert Chambers sister was being advised by phone of her brother’s death. While still holding the phone, she died instantly from a heart attack of her own.

Finally, if it were to all happen again. There would not be words labelling the Brethren trespassers “cunts”. There would be Brethren blood spilled. Fuck diplomacy with New Zealand levels of judicial corruption and contempt for our Bill of Rights.

This could not have happened in any other country in the world. And New Zealanders put up with it because New Zealanders are cretins.

There are hundreds of Bill of Rights breaches in New Zealand every year. And New Zealanders couldn’t give a flying fuck. I stood up for the Bill of Rights. Alf, all that you’ve shown is that you too are a racist New Zealand cretin. – John Colman



UPDATE: To further demonstrate what a reasonable fellow he is, Alf has removed the original post. We now have only this account (from John Colman) to tell us what happened, although readers capable of using Google will be able to track down the original newspaper reports of the court proceedings.

For example, the NZ Herald has this account of a bit of howz-yer-father involving a court official.

Court judgements in appeals by Colman can be found here.

Colman has been championed here and here.

One Response to John Colman gets his right of reply

  1. John Colman says:

    I give up. The Bill of Rights breachers win again. Congratulations Alf, on your overwhelming generosity to Bill of Rights breachers. All those New Zealand soldiers in two World Wars who fought for our (and the world’s) Bill of Rights, died in vain. You have insulted every one of those fallen soldiers, Alf.

    Onya, Alf, you have warped priorities is all I can say. Leave this post for the next 20 years, Alf. That’d be fair

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