Uncle Jim hasn’t got his bullet – and the courts don’t have their body-snatch ruling upheld, either

But Uncle Jim is packing a bigger judicial punch than this lot.

But Uncle Jim’s mana so far is beyond the reach of this lot.

Alf has been keeping an eye out for signs of the Crown wanting to have the law upheld.

But no. The law remains defied and the body of James Takamore remains buried in Tuhoe country, contrary to a Supreme Court ruling on where it should go, which is back to Christchurch and into the hands of the dead man’s wife.

Curiously, so far as the Grumbles’ research can establish, ACT leader Jamie Whyte has been remarkably quiet on this matter. After all, it looks like a clear case of one law for indigenous persons and another law for the rest of us, which is something Jamie has been railing against.

But Jamie no doubt has been chastened by his recent bruising experience of banging on about one law for all, which sadly lacks a proper understanding of the document signed by Maori Party co-leader Pita Sharples which designates indigenous persons “special”.

Oh, and it looks like The Boss hasn’t had anything to say about a bunch of Tuhoe making the Supreme Court look impotent. But he is too fly to risk upsetting our Maori Party allies – not wittingly – and we may assume the news media hasn’t bothered to ask him what he thinks of this flagrant example of Jamie perhaps being on to something with his privilege stuff.

In the upshot, we must salute Uncle Jim, who has told the judges of the top court in our land – in effect – they can take a flying fuck.

James Takamore, it might be recalled, had lived in Christchurch for 20 years.

He died from an aneurism at the age of 55 in 2007.

But long before the preacher could say “earth to earth, dust to dust”, a bunch of body-snatchers had taken his body from a Christchurch marae and buried him at a Tuhoe cemetery beside his father.

According to this report, his Uncle Jim intends it will stay there, no matter how many bloody buggers in wigs come down with court rulings in the widow’s favour.

Mr Takamore’s uncle Jim Wikotu said he would take a bullet before allowing his nephew’s body to be taken.

“He’s home now and that’s final as far as I’m concerned,” he told Radio New Zealand.

“If she wants to come again with the courts, she’s free to do so, but the same answer is no.”

Mr Wikotu said he was supported by his iwi in the passive resistance.

“It’s our mana at stake. The mana of my people and our laws and regulations.”

We can’t have it clearer than that.

There’s the law and regulations we legislators make and pass in Wellington.

And there’s an unwritten set of indigenous persons’ laws and regulations.

The hapless widow in this case, Denise Clarke, says her husband had wanted to be buried in Christchurch.

She took a legal battle all the way to the Supreme Court, to honour his wishes.

Dunno if she could dip into any troughs of legal aid money to aid and abet her efforts.

But she is certainly annoyed.

“I’m just absolutely brassed off and frustrated and angry,” she told One News on Friday.

“I just really, really wanted to bring him home today.”

Ms Clarke’s lawyer is a bloke by name of Gary Knight.

He says the protesters have gone against the wishes of the marae committee, which had approved of Takamore’s disinterment.

“We have a judgment from the highest court in the land which the local Tuhoe seem intent to ignore,” he told Fairfax.

But Uncle Jim has yet to get a bullet, or anything else, from our law enforcers.

In the circumstances, Alf scores it Uncle Jim and his mana 10, the Crown and all its legal powers nil.

In a land with one law for all, of course, a writ or some other bit of legal howz-yer-father – not a bullet – would settle things.

Yet poor old Jamie’s critics reckon he got it terribly wrong when he said our indigenous persons were in any way privileged.

2 Responses to Uncle Jim hasn’t got his bullet – and the courts don’t have their body-snatch ruling upheld, either

  1. Barry Tomlin says:

    Hello Alf

    I agree with everything you said here and on your previous three posts.Thank you!

  2. James says:

    Sadly there is only one law in this country and its not the Maori one. You think you are a law un too yourselves but your wrong!!! One country one people one law its about time you got with the program!!!!

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