Cam is getting a whale of unwanted publicity while Alf is damn near blubbering about being forgotten

So who was the MP caught by surprise when this thing exploded?

So who was the MP caught by surprise when this thing exploded?

Must admit to being more than somewhat miffed today.

Lots of muck is being flung about leaked emails and political dirty tricks and what-have-you.

But dammit, Alf’s name has not been mentioned once in despatches. At least, not so far as he is aware.

This reinforces the strong suspicion he has long harboured about the news media having a snitch against him.

What does he have to do to be sneaked into a story, let alone to make it into a headline? Tell racist jokes? Promote the family business while on a taxpayer-funded visit to some foreign land (the firm is Grumble Gewgaws, if you must know)? Be caught by the cops in a compromising position in the gents?

None of that (and especially the last one on the list) would ever be something involving the long-serving and hard-working member for Eketahuna North.

But dammit, Alf’s saucy leaks about Greens and Pinkos to his good mate Cameron Slater at Whaleoil have been overlooked – or seem to have been – by that bloody oik Hager.

Yeah, there were thousands of emails by all accounts, and Alf was responsible for only some of them.

But he can’t imagine that not one of his eagerly-sneaked contributions to Cam’s cause passed muster when Hager was sorting through his ill-gotten gains. It looks like he has sorted the wheat from the chaff and published the chaff.

Didn’t he spot the email about a certain list MP and her exploding vibrator, for example? That story went down real big among Alf’s mates in the Eketahuna Club.

It will be fascinating, of course, to see what comes of Slater’s deliberations on whether to take legal action against Hager, which might force the writer to reveal who gave him the leaked emails.

This development has been reported here.

Today Slater appeared on RadioLive where he said that Hager’s book was written and making profit from the proceeds of crime, because it was sourced from thousands of emails hacked from Slater’s email account and Facebook page.

“We’re dealing here with Nicky Hager once again selling books and making money from the proceeds of crime, ie, hacking or stealing of emails,” Slater told Radio Live.

Slater said a recent legal case relating to a book written about internet mogul Kim Dotcom – which a court ruled was not journalism and therefore the author could be forced to reveal their sources – could apply here.

“I’m weighing up legal action but certainly a complaint to the police and the Privacy Commission would not be out of order.

“And with the recent case of [NZ Herald journalist] David Fisher in the High Court where his book was deemed to not be journalistic enterprise that it was a book for profit and he has to reveal his sources – that could get very interesting for Nicky Hager,” he told Radio Live.

Dunno if Alf can take legal action against Hager for leaving his emails out of those he published.

The Grumbles will look into the matter.

It’s not about trying to have sources revealed in this case.

To the contrary, it will be an attempt to have Alf’s contributions to Cam’s widely read blog appropriately acknowledged. Can’t let dear old Crusher get all the glory.

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