To avoid hacking Alf flies his sensitive stuff to Cam (although pigeons can be shot down and eaten)

Alf slips away from his office (with head protection against leftie mud-slinging) to send a message to Cam.

Alf slips away from his office (with head protection against leftie mud-slinging) to send a message to Cam.

Sad to say, Alf has not been burgled in the past six years and -so far as he is aware – his laptop has not been accessed.

Hence he can not add his experience to the list of dirty tricks that has been lengthening day by day over the past week.

Among the victims – according to this newspaper report – has been Crusher’s hubby.

Judith Collins’ husband David Wong-Tung’s office was burgled and his laptop accessed, in what the Justice Minister says was “a series of interesting little break ins”, including the burglary of her caucus colleague Mark Mitchell’s offices.

This afternoon, following reports of break ins at Mr Mitchell’s Parliamentary and electorate offices almost a year ago, Ms Collins told the Herald her husband’s office had been burgled six weeks ago.

Mr Wong-Tung is a director of Oravida , the company belonging to National Party donor Deyi Shi whose meetings with Ms Collins late last year in China – when she was there on a taxpayer funded ministerial trip – sparked a conflict of interest furore.

“He came into work and noticed that the lock on his lockable cabinet had been smashed.”

So what were the burglars up to?

Good question.

The cabinet held his laptop. And it was not not taken.

Amounts of cash had been left by staff on desks around the office. This was not taken either (but it does raise fascinating questions about the staff’s attitude to money, because Alf is never so cavalier or careless that he leaves cash lying around for Mrs Grumble, at home, or office staff, to pocket).

“It seemed a very odd thing at the time and I presume that someone may have been interested in the information that was on that laptop” Ms Collins said.

It’s one of a series of interesting little break ins around computers, she told the Herald.

She said that included the break ins at Mr Mitchells’ offices in September and October last year in which a laptop and phones were stolen.

Mitchell told the Herald hacks (here) of his nasty experience with the hackers.

The dirty politics saga has taken a fresh twist with the offices of a National Party politician burgled.

Rodney MP Mark Mitchell had a laptop and phones stolen in the burglaries — and his email hacked.

So – an epidemic of break-ins?


In response to Herald on Sunday inquiries, Mitchell confirmed:

• His parliamentary office in Wellington was broken into on September 16 last year. Police investigated and swept the office for bugs but none was found.

• His Rodney constituency office in Orewa was broken into in early October and a laptop and two phones were taken. Police investigated but no arrests have been made.

• His personal email was hacked.

The revelations come after the release of Nicky Hager’s book Dirty Politics, which claims that National colluded in smear campaigns by right-wing blogger Cameron Slater.

Alf is a tad astonished.

As a caucus colleague of Mark, he would have thought this had been mentioned at some time since then and a warning sounded, perhaps, to tighten our security.

But maybe the explanation can be found here:

Ms Collins and Mr Mitchell’s reports of break ins come as the Government responds to Nicky Hager’s book Dirty Politics with claims the writer and the left in general are the ones indulging in dirty tricks such as the hacking of blogger Cameron Slater’s website which yielded the messages Hager based his book o


While the bloody lefties are trying to bury us in political muck some defensive action is called for.

Being able to complain that we have been subject to break-ins is a good ploy.

Dear old Crusher is certainly in need of a good diversionary tactic.

Alf might well need to divert attention, too, should his role as a regular tittle-tattle and leaker to The Whale of stuff that shows lefties and greenies in a bad light be flushed into the public.

But Alf has been much too fly to use email. He has trained his pigeons to carry messages to his mate Cam.

The only threat is that Kim Dotcom gets a whiff of what’s doing and intercepts one of the birds. Not only will he get access to Alf’s leaks. He looks like the sort of fellow who dines out on anything plump, which would include pigeons.

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