Crusher can’t keep herself out of the limelight these days – now the issue is lane names

Alf means no offence to the late Sir Robert Chambers.

And I never imagined naming a lane would land me in the stew.  finish up in

And I never imagined naming a lane would land me in another stew.

But if Crusher Collins is going to set about naming lanes after her friends – well, what’s wrong with Grumble Lane?

Or Slater Lane?

No, wait.

Cameron has been a tad disparaging of the good people of Christchurch, according to this report (which likely is a load of bollocks):

South Islanders are useless and East Christchurch earthquake victims scum, controversial blogger Cameron Slater allegedly says in emails disclosed by Dirty Politics author Nicky Hager.

Writing to his friend Peter Smith (not his real name) after the February earthquake, Slater says: “The place is f****d, they should should just board it up and close it down.”

Smith: A real tragedy, but it will f***k Labour for the election.

Slater: Yep blessings.

Slater: What i can’t believe… is how we have to bail out those useless pricks in the sth island, again.’


Those suburbs are hard core Labour…the owners will be Nat voters though and the voters tenants, so the houses are gone and the scum are gone too, and they should get nothing.

In the light of these sentiments being flushed into the open, maybe Crusher foresaw the good people of Christchurch taking unkindly to a lane being name after Cam.

As things turned out, the good people of Christchurch – or some of them including a few legal luminaries – have taken unkindly to her naming a lane outside Christchurch’s new justice precinct after another of her friends.

Perhaps this was a time when it was best for her to lie low and leave the lane’s naming to somebody else.

But no. And her decision to exercise her naming right has enabled Stuff to bring the matter of her relationship with Cam into somewhat discomforting considerations in this report:

Collins is already under fire after allegations she and Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater were behind an attack campaign that led to a public servant receiving death threats.

Some Christchurch lawyers are now questioning why Collins named the new lane after someone she had personal links with – the late Sir Robert Chambers – rather than someone with links to Canterbury.

The justice precinct will house about 2000 workers from Civil Defence, police, the Fire Service, the Ministry of Justice, St John and other relevant agencies when it opens on a site between Lichfield and Tuam streets in 2017.

As Alf acknowledged earlier in this post, he had no beef with Sir Robert, who died in his sleep at his Wellington home last year, aged 59.

Sir Robert had been appointed to the Supreme Court in 2011 after a distinguished career as a barrister, Queen’s Counsel and judge, and had served alongside Crusher on the Auckland District Law Society Council.

If Alf wasn’t going to be honoured by having a lane named after him – well, Sir Robert looked like a worthy choice.

But apparently not if you live in Christchurch, because…

Christchurch barrister Gerald Lascelles wrote in the New Zealand Law Society’s Canterbury Westland branch magazine that the decision was “ill-considered”.

“It was made without proper or any regard for local interests and seemingly made by one who had long-standing personal links with the person so acknowledged,” he said.

Lascelles has acknowledged to The Press that Sir Robert was “apparently a very good chap”.

But he also said Collins needed to justify her decision to name the lane after a North Islander.

He suggested the lane would be better named after someone like Sir Howard Kippenberger, who fought and was wounded in both world wars, or Sir Erime Northcroft, who sat on the Tokyo War Crimes Trial.

The Press has gone further, publishing a letter from one John Burn who wrote that a number of Christchurch lawyers were concerned by Collins’ decision because Chambers had never sat in Christchurch.

But let’s hear it from Crusher:

Collins said Chambers was “one of the most powerful intellectuals” in New Zealand’s justice system and it was important for his significant contribution to be remembered.

“Lady Chambers attended the launch of the plans for the precinct and is very appreciative that her late husband’s legacy is to be remembered in this way,” she said.

Actually, this is another side show that is distracting clear-thinking people like Alf’s constituents from important stuff like National’s splendid election policies.

And doesn’t Crusher have one or two other matters to worry about without landing herself in another stew?

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