A remarkable skill: Peter Dunne doesn’t have to read a book to measure its muck content


Gotta say there’s nothing quite as satisfying as pitching an election message to a bunch of well-heeled old farts.

They will even give a big cheer to the likes of Peter Dunne if he says the right thing.

Peter struck the right note in his home patch of Ohariu when he was questioned about Nicky Hager’s Dirty Politics and about the ethics and integrity of politics.

According to this report at Stuff,

…the UnitedFuture leader said he would not read it and labelled it “muckraking”.

It was a sentiment that drew the biggest cheer from the 150-strong crowd at Johnsonville’s Malvina Major Retirement Village yesterday, the large majority of whom were residents.

That’s the right way – and the right-wing way, hurrah – to deal with trash dressed up as a literary revellation.

This obviously was understood by National candidate Brett Hudson, who said the book was “simply scaremongering” and a deliberate attempt by Hager to derail National’s election campaign.

This campaign (as Alf is drumming into his loyal and admiring constituents) is focused on job creation, better pay and a strengthening economy.

But back in Ohariu, the grim forces of the centre and left were intent on diverting the attention of the folks at the retirement village from that focus.

Labour’s Virginia Anderson said the fallout from the book threatened to undermine New Zealand’s position – alongside Denmark – as the least corrupt country in the world.

NZ First candidate Hugh Barr was more pointed, calling the scandal an “abysmal” indictment on the state of politics. He said Hager had done the country a “great favour” by showing voters that “you can fool all of the people all of the time”.

And sure enough, the wretched Greens were there too to make the most of Dirty Politics and its allegations of behind-the-scenes collusion between National Party insiders, including Alf’s good friends Judith Collins and Cameron Slater.

Green candidate Tane Woodley said it seemed strange, given Collins and Slater were both “extremely litigious”, that nobody had been sued over the contents of the book.

Alf finds it just as strange that Tane Woodley might want to read the book.

Greens in his experience are so damned keen to urge us all to be clean and green and to eat muesli and to steer clear to anything that might pollute our environment and/or our digestive systems.

Yet the buggers will wallow in the filth of a political smear campaign.

Alf finds he has much in common with Dunne on this one.

He hasn’t read the book either – and won’t.

But this won’t stop him from vilifying it. Indeed, the less he knows about it, the more he can damn it – to the point of urging it be burned.

To ensure the public can enjoy a jolly good bonfire he can suggest a raft of books to be tossed on the same bonfire.

Anything by Karl Marx, for starters.

And Noam Chomsky, George Orwell and Jack London.

And copies of some of the legislation passed by the first Labour Government.

The Bradford bint’s anti-smacking legislation, too.

The list is much too long, actually.

Alf takes huge pride in boasting (a) he has not read any of them and (b) every word between their covers is rubbish.

This makes this makes them ideal for burning.

As well as being spared from having their thinking corrupted, the people who huddle around the bonfire can be kept warm for a wee while.

6 Responses to A remarkable skill: Peter Dunne doesn’t have to read a book to measure its muck content

  1. oswaldbastable says:

    I believe that complaints have been made to the police, regarding that miserable excuse for a book.

  2. Alf – I’ve considered you a perceptive fellow and a thinker to boot. Your post is provocative and nuanced, as always, and I’m taking your wry sense of humour into account as I read it. As well, I know you rarely respond to comments left below your posts but this time, please, old potential-friend, tell me true; do you think the activities revealed in the emails featured in Hager’s book and in the whaledumps, are reason for serious concern? I have read all I can find and am genuinely appalled by what those people have been saying and doing. I hope you are too. I wouldn’t bother putting the same question to the craven Keeping Stock, or Ele in the Homepaddock, as they are unable to break from their psychological/pathalogical addiction to #brandkey, but I sense you are not so enamoured. Looking forward to your response.


    • Alf Grumble says:

      Oh dear, Robert. You know the drill. Alf sticks rigidly to the party line in public but keeps other dark thoughts strictly to himself and Mrs Grumble. And nowadays he is seriously disinclined to use the social (and often anti-social) media for saying anything untoward because he can never know who will turn those thoughts into campaign fodder. Anyway, expressing a view on the book would require Alf to read the bloody thing and as he understands it there are no Page 3 pin-ups or that sort of thing to tempt him to take a peep, let along have a solid read.

  3. Btw – you’ll be aware that the exposure that Keeping Stock suffered in ‘the book’ was sufficient to freeze him in his blog-tracks and shut him down completely.

    • Alf Grumble says:

      The Grumbles have noticed the same absence of daily opinions from that quarter. Pity. Keeping Stock has always been a highly regarded observer in the Grumble household. The sooner he is back to provide a much-needed antidote to bleatings from the Left, the better.

  4. Keeping Stock got a mention in Hager’s book, quoted even, and it didn’t reflect well on him. His identity is now known and his local newspaper has published an article on him and his breathless support for Cameron Slater. He’s gone to ground now that he’s been tied to the sleazy muck-rakers employed by the National Party to discredit their opponents. Tony’s church will be disgusted, I imagine.

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