When stripping is part of the action at a posh school for sheilas, Hekia should look at the funding

School was never quite like this in Eketahuna.

School was never quite like this in Eketahuna.

Alf was fascinated earlier this year by a report of a real life St Trinian’s in Britain where unruly pupils got up to the sort of hanky-panky that would be punished with a fierce caning in the good old days.

A snap inspection found some of the pupils were involved in a string of bullying incidents as well as reports of brawling, food fights, swearing at teachers, smoking and truancy.

The school was also placed in special measures after the inspectors gave it a Grade 4 rating – the worst it can possibly give out – branding it ‘inadequate’ and ‘requiring improvement.’

The verdict led to comparisons to the fictional St Trinian’s school for girls – originally created by a cartoonist in the 1940s which later became the subject of hit movies.

The school was inspected after it announced it would provide iPads for teachers and pupils

The inspection discovered some pupils were scared for their safety while at school – and others were taking part in brawls, fights, smoking on school grounds and refusing to go to lessons.

One girl tearaway was thrown out of class more than 80 times with others sent out 30 times. There was also a race-fuelled mass brawl between two gangs of girls, investigators found.

One large group of girls gathered in the playground and only dispersed once a police officer had been called to stand amongst them.

Inspectors from Ofsted found eight pupils had been expelled in less than a year.

They said there was a ‘rapid deterioration’ in behaviour in a few months. The inspectors also warned white British girls were ‘underachieving’ at the school where pupils are predominantly Pakistani and speak English as a second language.

Alf had always wondered if there were schools like St Trinians after being enthralled by the movies made about school life there back in the 1950s.

But hey.

You don’t have to go to Britain to find this sort of carry-on.

The NZ Herald informs us today that a coach (a bloke) has been stood down by a private Auckland all-girls school after a teenaged member of his team stripped down to her undies and fishnet stockings in the middle of a busy Rotorua street.


Why couldn’t she have come to Eketahuna to perform this stunt.

Alf would have been on the scene real fast to remonstrate with her and demand she get clothed immediately.

This authoritative handling of a delicate situation would have gone down big with the voters, although some of the blokes might have taken umbrage if Alf had restored her decency before they arrived to see what the fuss was about.

As it happens, the spectacle was something for Rotorua people to savour – or rather, something for them to savour along with the stench from all that thermal activity.

The girl, described as being aged 14 or 15, stripped down to her underwear on Fenton St about 4.30pm yesterday.

It is understood the incident was part of a “sports initiation” and took place under the supervision of the coach, who was contracted by St Cuthbert’s College to coach a senior girls’ football team.

Principal Lynda Reid said the Epsom school had launched a full investigation into the incident, which she called a “very serious lapse of judgement”.

The Herald provides an account of what went on from Rotorua Bike Barn worker Kyle Mansell, who said he and his co-workers saw the whole event happen.

“This girl can’t have been more than 14 or 15-years-old and she was holding a sign which said ‘toot for strip’.

“For every toot, she took more clothing off until she was down to the tiniest bra you’ve ever seen and fishnet stockings.

“Mr Mansell said a crowd gathered and she was out on the street for about 15 minutes.”All the other team members were there, egging her on and they had their school van with their logo splashed across the side.”

Ms Reid said the team was on its way back to Auckland and the school needed time to ascertain exactly what had happened.

“It seems that … they had gone into Rotorua and there they had a very serious lapse of judgement. I understand that one of the girls stripped down to her swimwear and some fishnet tights and stood on the median strip.”

She said she believed the coach was present and, after realising the girls’ actions were in poor taste, stepped-in to stop it.

The school is conducting a full investigation and the coach has been stood down.

Alf observes that St Cuthberts is in Paul Goldsmith’s electorate.

But 15-year old strippers don’t vote and Alf can not discern any political implications for him in this news.

It doesn’t come into the dirty politics category, although the likes of Nicky Hager will be looking for the potential to add it to their desperate efforts to topple this government.

Mind you, Alf is just a wee bit inclined to demand to know how much public funding goes to this school and whether Hekia should think about stripping the school of this money faster than the teenage lass could disrobe in the streets of Rotorua.

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