Steve Gibson’s handicap: he’s too fricking honest for the good of the Labour Party

Drink up ... it's a truth drug.

Drink up … it’s a truth drug.

The remarkably stormy political career of a leftie by name of Steve Gibson was entirely predictable.

By his own account, the Labour Party’s Rangitata candidate is “too fricking honest”.

This clearly disqualifies him from standing for any party run by lefties or greenies and Alf is astonished that he ever signed up with any party with those leanings.

It was inevitable that David Cunliffe would soon be saying Gibson has no future as a Labour candidate.

Cunliffe has refused to endorse Gibson after he made a second series of strongly worded criticisms of the Government on Friday.

Cunliffe had previously put Gibson “on a last chance” over earlier insults directed at Prime Minister John Key on Facebook, for which Gibson had subsequently apologised.

Mind you, it must be emphasised that Gibson’s idea of “honest” does not gel with Alf’s idea of honest.

Gibson had described Key as “Shonky Jonkey Shylock” and “a nasty little creep”.

Moreover, we must credit Labour with recognising the dubious nature of Gibson’s beliefs.

Party president Moira Coatsworth has judged Gibson’s latest comments as unacceptable.

We must suppose they are unacceptable because Labour knows they are false as well as not very PC.

Gibson’s warped notions of honesty (and his seriously limited vocabulary) are further reflected in his calling former Justice Minister Judith Collins, Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater and Prime Minister’s Office staffer Jason Ede “rotten Shylocks” and the National Party “a bunch of jerks”.

It may well be that something is wrong with his eyes, because he gets things awfully wrong when he looks to the right but is spot on when he looks to the left.

This is evident – for example – when he criticises Labour’s “Mr Soft-arse softly-softly” approach.

What’s to be done with him is Cunliffe’s problem.

And the answer – ha! – is that Cunliffe can’t do anything much.

In a radio interview yesterday, Cunliffe said Gibson was “selected by the locals” and could not be removed as a candidate because ballot papers had already been printed.

He said he would have had Gibson removed as a candidate if it had been possible.

Gibson’s explanation for his eccentric politicking style is that living through the Christchurch earthquakes have made him a straight talker.

“You go through that and all of a sudden life becomes a lot shorter.

“You don’t want to waste time with people wondering what you mean.”

Alf gives him top marks on that score.

Nobody can doubt what he means.

But me must wonder why he has gone out to bat for Mr Soft-arse.

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