A fry-up for breakfast is the way to avoid getting fat (and the eggs don’t have to be free-range)

The way to better health.

The way to better health.

Alf tucked in to a typical Grumble household breakfast this morning fortified by the knowledge he was doing the right thing, nutritionally.

He would have stuck to his usual breakfast – perhaps with a 300gm portion of black pudding thrown in and lots of chips –  even if the research showed it was bad for him, nutritionally.

But it’s pleasing to know he doesn’t have to make a case for defying the experts.

The good news for him and all fans of a fry-up was communicated by the Daily Mail.

Eating a full English breakfast can stop you piling on the pounds, according to new research.

Experts say a breakfast rich in protein such as bacon, sausages, beans and eggs boosts levels of a chemical in the brain which regulates foot intake and cravings.

But people who skip breakfast have lower levels of the chemical, which can lead to overeating and weight gain.

The assurance comes from a study by US researchers which found teenagers who skipped breakfast were prone to obesity.

Those who ate a protein-rich breakfast, on the other hand, were found to have less food cravings and were less likely to overeat later in the day.

The  researchers said eating breakfast, particularly a high-protein one, increases levels of the brain chemical dopamine, the ‘feel-good’ messenger which is associated with feelings of reward.

Furthermore, they said understanding the brain chemical and its role in food cravings could lead to improvements in obesity prevention and treatment.

The Daily Mail quotes the study’s leader, Professor Heather Leidy, of the University of Missouri-Columbia, who said:

‘Our research showed people experience a dramatic decline in cravings for sweet foods when they eat breakfast.

‘However, breakfasts that are high in protein also reduced cravings for savoury – or high-fat – foods.

‘On the other hand, if breakfast is skipped, these cravings continue to rise throughout the day.’

Participants in the study were young women with an average age of 19, but the researchers said the findings would apply to most adults.

The findings are published in the Nutrition Journal.

Alf does not subscribe to this journal.

But he is delighted to pass on this account of its contents on a fry-up.

Moreover, he can find nothing in the Daily Mail account of the research to suggest he must make sure the bacon comes from pigs raised in conditions that would pass muster with the Green Party (which would require pig farmers to ensure their animals sleep in silk sheets and eat plenty of organic muesli, preferably from gold plates).

Nor do the eggs have to come from free-range chooks.

Alf supposes the beans could be genetically modified too.

He will be drawing this advice to the attention of Muslim hot-heads  such as the IS cut–throats.   The lack of a good feed of bacon and eggs for breakfast may well be a factor in their murderous proclivities.

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