Judge Jane should dip into her history book and get a steer on sentencing from The Hanging Judge

The Sensible Sentencing Trust almost makes a case for having the judging business declared a caper fit for blokes only.

Preferably blokes with no whiff of greenie, leftie or any other namby-pamby leanings.

But Sensible Sentencing falls short of saying this and obviously has opted to pull its punches while preparing a news item headed:

Violent thug deserves four year sentence, not sympathy from a Judge

The news release says Sensible Sentencing wonders why trained Judges seem to find a very simple law hard to follow.

Presumably they mean some judges and moreover they probably mean some modern judges, because blokes like Judge George Jeffreys had no trouble following a simple law, and if they did, they simply resolved the matter by sentencing the defendant to a stiff sentence, often of the life-terminating variety.

Sensible Sentencing would have thoroughly approved of Judge Jeffries, Alf imagines. They didn’t dub him The Hanging Judge for going soft on the crims.

In this instance, however, they have started their news release by recalling a case last month where (they say) a Judge indulged in verbal gymnastics to avoid giving the mandatory sentence of life in prison without parole to a second strike murderer.

Now they are finding fault with a District Court Judge (a sheila, by the way) for

…seeming to apologise for sentencing a man who ran over his partner to almost four years without parole – as required by the three strikes law for a second “strike’ offence.

The Sensible Sentencing has ample cause to gripe about judges who balk at banging up bad buggers for as long as they possibly can, and – dammit – even longer than that if they can get away with it.

And yes, there is a gender issue going on here.

“We have noticed that female Judges at both District and High Court level seem to struggle with a simple law that a farmer like me finds very easy to understand” said Sensible Sentencing founder Garth McVicar.

“Here is a 43 year old man convicted of a second “strike” offence only months after receiving a non-custodial sentence for his first” McVicar said.

“One would have thought the Judge’s sympathies would have been with Nathan Kenneth Boniface’s female victim rather than with an offender who is exactly the kind of person the three strikes law was intended to target” McVicar said.

“Boniface was treated leniently at strike one by being given a ‘community detention’ sentence for wounding with reckless disregard. He showed his contempt for that leniency by committing arguably a worse offence – running over a woman with a car – just months later” said McVicar.

“If media reports are correct, Judge Jane Farish said nothing about Boniface’s victims, but rather expressed concern about what would happen to him on his release from his sentence – imprisonment for 46 months for both the first and second strike offences.”

McVicar, who is a bloke for whom Alf and his mates in the Eketahuna Club have a high regard, goes on to wonder when Judges are going to tumble to the reality that offenders like Boniface have a choice about whether they go to jail or not?.

“No-one is going to make this guy commit another offence when he is released. That’s entirely up to him” McVicar said.

“In the meantime, this thug is exactly where he needs to be – behind bars for almost four years, during which time innocent members of the public don’t have to worry about him.”

But almost four years looks just a tad lax to your hard-working member.



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