The only blemish to be found on Mike Sabin (so far as is known here in Eketahuna) are his tattoos

Alf would be mortified if anything amiss has happened to terminate the three-year political career of National Northland MP Mike Sabin.

He’s a good bloke, in Alf’s book, although he would be a much better one if he had bypassed the tats.

But according to the NZ Herald his political career is in the balance.

The Boss, who normally is keen to talk about anything he knows about (and things he knows nothing about too) is being chary.

Prime Minister John Key yesterday refused to comment, instead directing media queries to police. However, police also refused to confirm either receiving a complaint or any investigation into allegations against the former detective and anti-methamphetamine campaigner.

Nevertheless, the Herald understands senior Northland National Party figures have already been discussing potential candidates to replace him in the event of a byelection.

Party president Peter Goodfellow was a bit more useful. He told the Herald National’s hierarchy was unaware of any allegations, historical or recent, against Mr Sabin before this year’s general election.

But that was the extent of his contribution to our enlightenment.

He refused to comment further.

This next part is a bit curious.

Mr Sabin, 46, is understood to be receiving support from a caucus colleague.

Let the record show the caucus colleague is not Alf, although support would be willingly given if needed.

Sabin lives at Coopers Beach with his partner.

And – dammit – he is the chairman of Parliament’s law and order committee. A bloke would not be given a job as important as this if there were blemishes on his record or the prospect of them.

The Sunday Star-Times yesterday raised questions, however, that Key and his office would not answer.

Very pointed questions, let it be said, that asked:

* when he was informed of the police investigation;

* whether Sabin or someone else volunteered the information;

* why he had not disclosed the matter to voters.

Sabin – Alf imagined – would have been keen to help.

But no, he wasn’t.

According to the SST:

When approached Sabin at his Coopers Beach home, in the Far North, he immediately demanded the reporter leave his property.

“I have got nothing to say,” Sabin said.

Asked if he would comment on the police investigation, he replied: “No, no I have nothing to say – I want you to leave my property.”

This could be misconstrued, of course, and Mike might not have wanted the media hacks on his property because he has a strong aversion to such people.

Alf has no such problem and has been hoping journalists would visit him – in his office, at home, anywhere – for the past several years. Maybe spreading an assault rumour  would do the trick.

Even better, let’s go out and thump somebody.

But it would have to be a deserving victim – such as a greenie or leftie.

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