Turei says the Greens are spoiled for choice but this depends (surely) on the calibre she will settle for

Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei may well be right when she says the party has no shortage of male candidates from which to pick a replacement for Russel Norman.

Twenty-one of the 39 names on the party’s list for the 2014 election were blokes – or rather, were people with male names. But to be frank, the Grumbles would never have given names like Steffan or Reuben to their lads because they were sure this would impede their All Black prospects.

Three more of the names on the list might be males but, alas, it’s hard to tell.  The first name of one of them is Sea, another is Aaryn and a third is Umesh.  Alf is writing this in some haste, because he is keen to get down to the boozer to join his mates, so hasn’t had time to check out their genders.

But Turei has gone further than claiming she has no shortage of male candidates. She claimed there is no shortage of high-calibre candidates.

The truth of this is not so obvious, although the Greens may well employ a different measure of calibre than the measure employed by Alf.

The question of finding a male co-leader willing to promote Green issues and do what Greens should do, which includes breakfasting on muesli rather than bacon, black pudding and fried eggs, has arisen because the No. 2 on the list is stepping down.

Radio NZ has reported:

Dr Norman has announced he will step down as the party’s co-leader at the Greens’ annual meeting in May but will stay on as an MP.

Ms Turei said Dr Norman had given the party ample advance warning he was stepping down, meaning the selection of a new male co-leader would be smooth.

“We are spoilt for choice with a wide range of high-calibre men in this party who could be potential leaders.

“The caucus has agreed not to comment on any potential candidates until the party makes its decision in May.”

Kevin Hague, who has been tipped as a potential contender, was No. 3 on the list at the election. He has been described by Trans Tasman as arguably the party’s most competent MP who works well with media.

But he isn’t giving the media much help on his ambitions to replace Norman, declining to say whether he would put his name forward.

He said however that Dr Norman left the leadership in good heart and the party was robust enough to cope with a leadership contest.

“I don’t think people are going to be panicked that this is a disaster because party members will be aware that there are lots of solid people available who would be possibilities to succeed him.”

The Grumbles certainly are not being panicked and do not see Norman’s departure as a disaster.

They are confident the Greens will again demonstrate their prowess at over-estimating their talent.

They recall that back in May last year, the Green Party released what it described as a strong party list for the 2014 election.

“We are presenting New Zealanders with a very strong and experienced party list, full of talent ready to lead in a new Government,” said Green Party Co-convenor Georgina Morrison.

“We are presenting New Zealanders with a very strong and experienced party list, full of talent ready to lead in a new Government.

“Our goal for the 2014 election is to receive a minimum of 15 percent of the party vote. That would mean we would have 20 MPs.”

Praise be, they fell somewhat short.

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