There’s no molly-coddling when Indonesians get their hands on a drug trafficker

January 19, 2015


This looks like the end of his career in the drugs business.

This looks like a sure way of ensuring against repeat offending.

None of us should be too surprised to hear Prime Minister John Key say he can’t  intervene in the case of a Kiwi feller facing the death penalty in Indonesia for alleged drug smuggling.

The plight of Tony de Malmanche, 52, has been well publicised.

He was was on his first trip out of New Zealand when he was arrested in Indonesia last month, accused of trying to smuggle 1.7kg of methamphetamine into the country.

Alf hasn’t followed the case closely.

But he does know that being caught with drugs in that country – and many other parts of South-east Asia – is best avoided.

De Malmanche could be executed.

The best thing that can be said is that a death penalty would be carried out by firing squad, which seems much preferable to being strapped down – as happens in the US – to be executed with a lethal dose of drugs. Sometimes this can be botched, which can result in a long and painful death, although the nature of the crimes committed by the scoundrel who is being put to death means not too much sympathy for his suffering is aroused except among do-gooders.

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Magistrate will be put straight – so to speak – about his Christian thinking on families and gays

January 18, 2015
Nowadays we send our heretics to an equality course.

Nowadays we send our heretics to an equality course.

The Brits had us believing they are strongly in support of democratic freedoms – such as freedom of expression – after the recent murders of several members of a satirical magazine’s staff in Paris.

They were banging on about the rights of the magazine’s writers and cartoonists to PUBLICLY mock Muslims and their religion.

But a magistrate in Britain has been disciplined for PRIVATELY expressing his view that children should be raised by a traditional family – one with a mother and mother – rather than by one of these modern arrangements whereby a gay couple can marry and raise kids.

It so happens Alf shares the magistrate’s view on this matter.

He therefore understands why the magistrate was shocked when he learned he had been reported to the judges’ watchdog in the United Kingdom for alleged prejudice and was suspended from sitting on family court cases.

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But would you be eligible for a heroism award if it transpired you had saved a suicide bomber?

January 17, 2015


We all admire a hero and the people of the Waikato today are saluting a Hamilton feller who didn’t hesitate before leaping to the rescue. He grabbed his flippers and body board and headed out through the pummelling surf of a Northland beach to help drag a struggling tourist to safety on Thursday.

This feller is Elliot Tiffany, a school teacher.

According to the Waikato Times, he and his 11-year-old son Xavier played a vital role in saving the life of a British grandfather, who got stuck in a rip at King’s Beach.

Aged in his mid-60s, the Pom apparently was attempting to swim to rocks when he got halfway and decided to turn back.

But a rip caught him and swept him out another 50 metres.

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Come on Amy – let’s scrap these restorative justice rules instead of waiting to see if they work

January 16, 2015

No, not all judges get it right – certainly not nearly as often as Alf would like.

But when it comes to who should decide when a cup of tea and a cosy chat is an appropriate way of sorting things out between victim and offender, we politicians seem to have seriously stuffed things up in June last year when we tinkered with the Sentencing Act.

We gave the job of deciding restorative justice is the way to go in a case to a touchy feely bunch of tossers who happen to be the providers of the restorative justice process that will be followed whenever someone pleads guilty.

It’s a bit like legislatively deciding that ice-cream vendors should decide when people should be required to eat ice-cream, then sending the bill to the taxpayers.

What a joke.

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What’s the difference between the HMNZS Wellington and a toothfish? The fish has teeth

January 15, 2015
More teeth than the NZ Navy.

More biting power than the NZ Navy.

When the Member for Eketahuna North thunders his demand that we sink the toothfish pirates in Antarctic waters, the hacks at Radio NZ ignore him.

When the former Mayor of a sister town in the Wairarapa, Carterton, calls for the navy to use its fire power, the hacks jump to attention and give him top billing on their news bulletins.

But he’s a New Zealand First MP, not a National one.

Go figure.

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Rotterdam’s mayor tells intolerant Muslims where to go – Oxford publishers deserve the same advice

January 14, 2015
But can he face being banned by Oxford publishers?

But can he face being banned by Oxford publishers?

Alf salutes the mayor of Rotterdam, a bloke who has told fellow Muslims who don’t appreciate the freedoms of living in the West to ‘pack your bags and fuck off’.

The mayor is Ahmed Aboutaleb, a Moroccan-born Muslim, who gave his advice live on TV in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris last week.

It seems this mayor with balls is a former journalist who was appointed mayor of the Dutch city in 2008.

Not all journalists are ratbags, we may suppose.

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We’ve sent our gunboat and caught fishing felons red-handed – now let’s sink them

January 13, 2015
Oops. Shouldn't Hitler's permission been sought?

Oops. Did Hitler give his approval?

Dunno why Royal New Zealand Navy officials have got to be so damned prissy.

According to the NZ Herald, last night they were seeking permission to board two fishing vessels in the Southern Ocean which have been found with illegal catches.

The offshore patrol vessel HMNZS Wellington has been monitoring the ships, Songhua and Kunlun, for close to a week and has captured video evidence of fishermen hauling in Antarctic toothfish – one of the most lucrative catches in the world.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade said the vessels were using gill nets, which were banned in the strictly regulated fishery around Antarctica because they were considered damaging to the marine ecosystem.

So – a fair cop, by the sounds of it.

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Fox News talks with an error expert – he says Birmingham is a no-go city for non-Muslims

January 12, 2015
More Muslims being shipped in by barge, presumably...

More Muslims being shipped in by barge, presumably…

Gotta say the Grumbles thoroughly enjoy Fox News and its unabashed lean to the right. That’s the way Radio NZ should lean and Alf can well understand why the Government hasn’t increased their budget for the past few years.

But Alf is not blind to Fox’s cavalier disregard for facts.

He was not surprised,, therefore, when a so-called ‘terrorism expert’ popped up to say everyone in Birmingham is a Muslim and non-Muslims “simply don’t go” into Britain’s second largest city.

Yep. It’s bollocks. But a bit of bollocks is more than compensated for by the blatant lean in favour of Alf’s world view politically.

On this occasion, fair to say, the terrorism expert turned out to be more an errorism expert.

His flair for talking pure bollocks, naturally, came to the attention of a mocking British press.

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Stuart Nash is riled by shortfall in the tax take – but there’s a shortfall in his statement, too

January 11, 2015
"We're not missing a million somethings here, are we?"

“We’re not missing a million somethings here, are we?”

Stuart Nash’s grand-dad was Walter Nash, who served as the country’s 27th Prime Minister in the Second Labour Government from 1957 to 1960.

Walter is credited with being highly influential, too, in his role as Minister of Finance in the First Labour Government.

But the Nash financial genes seems to have been watered down before reaching Stuart.

Or maybe he was a bit lax when he authorised the release of a press statement aimed at throwing borax at we Nats.

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Thanks for the lesson in wisdom, Daisy – but who owns moa bones found on a public beach?

January 10, 2015
"Betcha I'll be famous when they find my bones on the beach in a few hundred years..."

“Betcha I’ll be famous when they find my bones on the beach in a few hundred years…”

Alf has acquired some more wisdom this morning, even though he already was well blessed in this department.

He has learned it is unwise to pick things up on a public beach and then try to sell them.

He has no great urge to go looking for things on public beaches and trying to sell them, it should be understood.

But he knows that some of his constituents are apt to go to the beach, and he is passing on his newly acquired wisdom to these constituents to help them avoid trouble.

The wisdom in this case has been imparted by a South Taranaki iwi negotiator who has pitched in to discourage a bloke who is trying to sell a bone which he reckons is a moa bone.

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