Let’s nominate more Kiwis (green and pink) to accompany Aucklander on his one-way trip to Mars

Can you blame them for looking unfriendly?  They heard Alf's idea of sending them some of our little green men.

Can you blame them for looking unfriendly? They have just heard Alf’s idea of sending them some of our little green men.

Dunno if it’s too late.

But news of an Auckland bloke maybe giving up his job at the Ministry of Social Development for a one-way ticket to Mars has prompted a thought.

Let’s get some more Kiwis on this one-way flight to Mars. Or anywhere.

Alf has particular Kiwis in mind, as will become apparent before the end of this post.

Saeed Ghandhari is the Aucklander who has just been named among 100 people who have made it through to the next selection round of the Mars One mission.

This is a privately-funded project which aims to set up the first human colony on the red planet in a decade’s time.

The NZ Herald today tells us: 

The would-be astronaut is now among 50 men and 50 women from around the world selected from a pool of more than 200,000 hopefuls, and from whom the final 40 will be picked.

Iranian born Mr Ghandhari told the Herald he was “definitely excited”, having managed to pass what he said was the hardest stages in the astronauts selection process.

Mr Ghandhari, who has a background in cosmology, applied physics and astronomy, said in his application: “I’ve been a successful migrant on the Earth why I shouldn’t be a good migrant on the Mars?martian

“Although there’s still long way to go, I believe that with attention to my qualifications and personal attitudes, I’ll be one of the four astronauts who will live on the red planet forever.”

The backers of Mars One want to put humans on the planet by 2026 – a decade ahead of NASA.

The next selection rounds will focus on composing teams that could endure all the hardships of a permanent settlement on Mars.

This suggests things have gone beyond being able to get more Kiwis into the one-way-trip-to-Mars programme.


Alf was ready to have a bunch of lefties and greenies conscripted to form a Kiwi contingent to make the journey.

Mind you, he agrees Mrs Grumble has a bloody good point when she wants to know what the Martians have done to deserve being invaded by our little green men along with some pinkos.

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