Yes, other blue seats could be at risk because of economic neglect – eg Tolley’s East Coast patch

One of Alf’s mates, who has been reading some analysis by NZ Herald political hack John Armstrong, was unduly concerned about his political pal’s future.

He has been assured that Alf is safe and secure in his National stronghold.

The concern was raised by Armstrong’s observation that Winston Peters had cut a swathe through the wealthier parts of the Northland electorate in Saturday’s byelection.

This secured him the most votes in the National bastion of Kerikeri and matched the number cast for the ruling party in Wellsford.

While the figures relate to the less important constituency vote, rather than the crucial party vote, National Party strategists will be concerned by the extent of Peters’ reach into areas where support for their party has traditionally been rock solid.

Fair to say, Northland could regard itself as a deprived region – in comparative terms, anyway.

The poor buggers up there had a GDP per capital of$34,825 in 2013/14.

The national average was $51,319.

Northland’s GDP per capital was the second lowest in the country.

And the lowest?

It must be a stronghold of greenie and leftie voters, surely.

Not so.

It’s the Gisborne region with a GDP per capita of $34,602.

I think that seat is held by…

Hold on a mo’ while we check.

Actually, the electorate is called the East Coast.

And its member is the splendid Anne Tolley.

Alf will be having a chat with her about getting some bridges widened now, before it’s too lae.

She might have to think about that railway link with Napier, too.

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