Todd needs to learn that some people will always disagree with him – and saying sorry is silly

Gotta have a word with one of our young-buck MPs, next time we are back in Parliament.

Clutha-Southland’s Todd Barclay has just done something that suggests he must have been eating much too much southern swede and his judgement has been impaired by this diet of stuff that’s best left for cows and sheep to tuck into.

This Barclay plonker has a Facebook page, which is something Alf has eschewed, and on this page he has made a remark about Campbell Live.

As a consequence he seems to have quickly learned something that is well understood by people who are not raised on a diet of swede.

He has learned that if you say something, a lot of people will agree with you and a lot of people will disagree.

And if a lot of people don’t agree with you, then that’s just too bad. They are probably lefties or greenies who will never vote for you, so you should forget all about them and what they said.

And if you must tell them something, well, tell them to go and get fucked.

Instead of treating adverse comments with the disdain they deserve, young Todd has done the unpardonable.

He has apologised.

Yes – apologised!

A Nat apologising for upsetting a leftie or a greenie is….

Well, Alf doesn’t have the words for it. A stiff drink or three is desperately needed to settle the equilibrium.

The story of Todd’s folly is told today in the Herald.

His impolitic remark about Campbell Live was triggered by reports that the prime-time current affairs show was under review, due to a decline in ratings.

A petition to save the show was then quickly launched.

Following the announcement, Mr Barclay posted a comment on his Facebook page that said: “No surprises that it’s only Labour Party MPs scrambling to keep Campbell Live running… #goodjobmikehosking.”

The comment has since been deleted.

Alf finds it hard to see why Todd would want to delete the comment, because it happens to mirror his own thinking on the matter of John Campbell’s uncertain future and the fuss this has raised in some circles.

But if he wanted to withdraw it, so be it.

What happened next is where Todd really came unglued.

Today, 24-year-old Mr Barclay, who is New Zealand’s youngest MP, apologised for any offence.

“I stand corrected, Campbell Live does have a lot of supporters. I guess it’s down to personal preference etc.”

And has the apology done him any good?

Not much.

Despite his apology, many of Mr Barclay’s followers remained unimpressed by his earlier comment.

“That status was disgusting. John Campbell is 10 times the man than anyone in parliament right now. You should be shaking the hand of man doing such great work in this country not tearing him down. Bad bad form,” one person posted.

Another said: “Well done for apologising! Make sure next time to think about what you’re saying before you post it on Facebook.”

Others called the post “disgusting” and “rude”.

Many other have taken the opportunity to show their support for the programme.

“Campbell asks hard questions, did of Helen Clarke and now John Key… that and how much has Campbell Live raised for great causes across the 10 years the show has been on? shame on you Todd,” one user said.

Alf has no problem with Campbell for asking hard questions.

His grouch is that Campbell has never invited him on to the show to ask hard questions. Or any questions.

But nor have those oleaginous cheer-leaders for The Boss, Henry and Hosking.

Alf has huge regard for The Boss but has never been reduced to arse-licking.

Must ask Campbell’s rivals one day – if we ever meet – what he is missing out on.

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