Peter Dunne has raised some bloody questions about (eg) the need for cultural leadership in Parliament

The Parliamentary Service describes itself as the largest of the agencies housed in the parliamentary complex.

It was established in 1985 and is headed by a General Manager who is accountable to the Speaker for the running of the Service. The Speaker, of course, is currently overseas on a junket from which Alf was excluded.

The Parliamentary Service provides a range of professional administrative and support services to members of Parliament and the House of Representatives and employs about 430 staff, plus another 220 people employed as out-of-Parliament staff in the regions.

Dunno if any of these staffers are hired on zero-hour contracts but it looks like they should be. Or some should.

All those who serve booze in the Bellamy’s bar, for example, have their workloads seriously lightened when Alf is at home in Eketahuna and might just as well stay at home until he returns.

But wait.

The service is bringing in some new staff.

UnitedFuture leader Peter Dunne has drawn attention to five new staff positions recently advertised by the Parliamentary Service.

He has gone further and talks of featherbedding.

Some of the jobs he mentions certainly should raise a few eyebrows.

The Parliamentary Service is currently advertising for:

• An Organisational Development Manager to join the People and Culture Leadership team

• A Senior Organisational Development Advisor

• A Senior Learning and Development Advisor to build people and organisational capability

• A Talent Manager for the People and Culture Leadership team

• A People and Culture Services Manager.

“These all sound like bureaucratic gobbledegook to me,” Dunne is saying in the media statement his office has issued.

“Parliamentary Services is charged with running the Parliamentary complex, and ensuring MPs get the services they need to operate effectively – no more, no less.

“How any of these positions contribute to that objective is a mystery to me.

“It just looks like more Parliamentary Service feather-bedding, and I cannot see how any of these positions will lead in any way to better assisting MPs serve the public who elected them,” he says.

Alf is bound to say he wonders about all this “people and culture leadership” bollocks.

And he wants to know why there’s a need to hire a senior learning and development advisor “to build people and organisational capability”.

He thinks it would be smarter to hire people who don’t need their capabilities being built.

And a “talent manager”?

The greatest talent Alf calls for is an ability to pour a good Scotch.

Dunne finishes by saying he is more than a little surprised that the Taxpayers Union has not been critical of these proposed new appointments.

Let’s see if they do any shrieking, now they have been alerted.


One Response to Peter Dunne has raised some bloody questions about (eg) the need for cultural leadership in Parliament

  1. Barry says:

    Hello Alf

    Those five job descriptions look like something deliberately absurd, like something out of a spoof or satire or farce. Thanks for publicising them for us to see.

    I wouldn’t care how stupid those jobs look IF I WEREN’T GOING TO BE FORCED TO FUND THEM!

    It’s time you got back in there (parliament) and sorted out those leftard tax-and-spend imbeciles!

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