Good restaurants want to keep vermin out – and there’s no reason to exempt squawking rug-rats

If the Grumbles wanted to put up with a noise like this they would sit in on a Labour caucus meeting.

If the Grumbles wanted to put up with a noise like this they would sit in on a Labour caucus meeting.

Internet storm-troopers have flocked together to strike another blow against civilized and decent dining.

Using the power of the mob, they have bombarded a Canadian restaurant with “hate and threats” after it made
the highly proper decision to ban “small screaming children” from its premises.

The restaurant is the Lobster Pound and Moore, in Nova Scotia.

Alf and Mrs Grumble were musing on flying to Nova Scotia just to reward the restaurant owners with their custom on learning from The Independent of the high standards they set.

We imagined they similarly banned lefties and greenies for the same civilizing reasons, although this is surmise.

The restaurant signalled its worthy attempt to attract customers who like to dine in a sprog-free zone on its Facebook page.

It posted a message that enticingly said:

“Effective as of now, we will no longer allow small screaming children.

“We are an adult themed restaurant that caters to those who are out to enjoy themselves. We understand this may upset some, but after careful consideration, we feel it’s best for those who enjoy, appreciate and understand our business.”

But mindless mums and  Facebook fascists soon struck back.

According to The Independent:

The response was swift, direct and, reportedly, although the original post has been deleted, enraged as many felt that the restaurant was unfairly discriminating against parents.

Hannah McKay, a mother of two told CBC News: “If it (the restaurant) doesn’t want my kids there why would they want me?”

The question was absurd, as anyone with a smidgen of brain could have reasoned.

The restaurant would want anyone so long as they turned up without small screaming children although (come to think of it) Alf might give the place a miss if there was a whiff of Hannah McKay turning up, because she sounds like a person seriously disposed to kicking up a fuss over nothing..

Trouble is a whole army of people seriously disposed to kicking up a fuss over nothing was soon mustered to make life tough for the restaurant.

Their barrage of boorish and uncivilized abuse – alas – soon forced the restaurant to wave a surrdender flag.

Such was the strength of the backlash that the restaurant consequently felt it that it was necessary to issue an apology for the prior statement.

Posting another message on its Facebook page, the The Lobster Pound and Moore said: “Okay let’s try this again. First, my apologies for the previous post. I chose the wrong words to convey a message I didn’t want.”

“I used the word screaming but should have said something like “Lil diners having a moment.’”

The post assured diners that: “We will take any belly that is hungry.”

“I never considered the hate and threats it would bring against not only me but those I love and for that I’m truly sorry.”

“I’ve disappointed you and myself. I will do even better even if you don’t give me the chance. I was trying to be different and the ‘go to’ happening place.”

Obviously the restaurant surrendered too soon and there happens to be an army of good guys out there, too, eager to defend restaurants that simply want to raise dining standards.

However, following the apology, support began flooding in for the original policy.

Comments under the apologising post included: “Just wanted to say to the business owner that I agree with you whole heartedly and have just written a post of support on my Facebook wall and all my friends agree,” said Ali Simpson Smith.

Chris Fawcett said: “All businesses have the right to refuse business to anyone they want and to that point a baby isn’t even going to be a customer in reality.”

Marion Robinson told the restaurant to just keep up its good work: “I wouldn’t worry about a few negative, childish remarks. Your food, atmosphere and service will always be rewarded! God bless!”

Ian Tolsten, president of the British Columbia Restaurant & Foodservices Association, perhaps should have been consulted at the outset.

He told the Canadian National Post that he would not encourage restaurateurs to avoid being so explicitly discriminatory and, rather than banning children, should use hints like “intimate atmosphere.”

He added: “If you’re going to alienate your customers, you better be prepared for the social media storm.”

And brace for the Facebook Storm-troopers.

Mrs Grumble is pleased to report she found a site that gives five good reasons why squawking brats should be banned from restaurants whose owners don’t want to fuck up their customers’ dining experience.

It was prompted by a bustling tourist restaurant, Old Fisherman’s Grotto in Monterey, California, which rankled some parents by posting a sign prohibiting strollers, high chairs, booster seats, loud kids and crying babies.

Restaurant owner says if customers don’t like the rules, they can go somewhere else to eat, and he isn’t concerned about the decision affecting business. But is it the right sort of business to be effectively banning rowdy kids from restaurants?

You bet your asses it is — and here are five reasons why banning disruptive children from restaurants is perfectly okay. Maybe it’s time that lazy, unconcerned, pushover parents stop ruining everyone’s dining experiences.

Dunno who to congratulate for this nicely expressed advice to parents who have no respect for allowing gourmets like the Grumbles to dine in tasteful surroundings.

Those parents can take their bawling spawn to umpteen other restaurants where the bar has been set so low that even the tiniest rug rats should be able to jump over it.

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