Should rescuers listen to Blue and not touch people without their OK – or would that be a big blue?

These ladies would get no complaint from Alf, if they rescued him without his permission.

These ladies would get no complaint from Alf, if they manhandled him without his permission.

Oh, Gawd.

Bloody Jackie Blue is banging on again, obviously abandoning her National Party loyalties for the moment.

She has been prompted to add to the outpouring of feminist condemnation of The Boss over that pony tail stuff.

And what does she know about it?

Not much, as she acknowledges:

“I don’t know the full details of this incident but I acknowledge the young woman involved , welcome the Prime Minister’s apology and hope this incident can be resolved with dignity for all involved.”

“Talking about what’s acceptable and what isn’t is a conversation worth having and one every New Zealander needs to be part of.”

Jackie, of course, gave up good old honest politics to become a Human Rights Commissioner.

In this capacity she has supported an open letter from the National Council of Women to John Key.

Constituents with nothing better to do might like to check out this letter here.

And those who like to act on bad advice could take this lot on board:

“It’s never OK to touch someone without their permission. There are no exceptions,’” said Human Rights Commissioner Dr Jackie Blue.

Alf’s advice is to never say never,

Let’s (for the sake of argument) act on Jackie’s advice and never touch anybody without their permission. And then let’s imagine you are the rescuer in this situation:

Dramatic footage from the helmet of a firefighter shows the moment three children were rescued from a house fire.

The footage released by Fresno fire department follows the movements of one firefighter who saved three children who were left at home by themselves from their burning home in the Californian city.

Firecrews initially responded to reports of smoke in the home, but on arrival found the house fully ablaze and children unconscious inside the house, Sky News UK reports.

It’s believed the children were left by their mother who was out shopping.

Oh dear. There’s a challenge.

Do we try to arouse the children to get them to give their permission to be rescued?

And how do we arouse them without touching them, which – of course – can’t be done without their permission?/


Then there’s this situation: 

At 14, a “wasted” Chloe* passed out and woke up to a guy trying to “get with” her.

“Anything could have happened if I didn’t wake up,” she said.

The teenager says she is wiser now. Now 16, drinking is old hat. She started at 13.

But let’s suppose somebody more gallant turned up and spotted her vulnerability before the guy who was trying to “get with” her turned up.

What could Sir Galahad do?

Shake her into consciousness?


Jackie Blue would have his balls for garters. Or turn his rescue attempt into the stuff of condemnatory headlines.

Better leave her there.

Alternatively, better forget Jackie’s admonition and do what is morally right.

3 Responses to Should rescuers listen to Blue and not touch people without their OK – or would that be a big blue?

  1. Duncan Brown says:

    There is of course a difference between “arousing” and rousing children, but I get what you mean 😉 Re Blue’s comments, it really irritates me how many experts have been prepared to comment and use the story to beat their own drum on the basis of very limited information before more of the story I.e. the other side has come out.

    • Alf Grumble says:

      Thanks, Duncan. FYI the difference between arousing and rousing children doesn’t show up on The Free Dictionary consulted by Alf, although it is the first meaning given for roused and the third meaning given for aroused. Maybe we should get a new dictionary.

  2. robertguyton says:

    Key wasn´t saving the waitress from danger, Alf. He was tugging on her ponytail for his own pleasure/amusement. She was repelled by his actions. He didn´t stop when told to by his wife. Something´s very wrong here. I suspect you know that.

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