Drama teacher’s rumpy-pumpy with students took sex education too far – but cops were indifferent

So what must teachers do to interest the police in the legality or propriety of their sexual relations with students?

Much more than a bit of howz-yer-father, apparently.

Mind you, the age of the students may well play a part in police considerations. That somewhat critical piece of information is not provided in the report that Mrs Grumble brought to Alf’s attention.

Whatever the reason for the cops’ indifference, a female teacher has been punished professionally.

She has been stripped of her teaching registration after admitting sexual relations with two students.

She does not seem to have been too contrite when initially caught out because she continued to send explicit text messages to one of the teens after being stood down for her behaviour.

The Waikato Times tells us the story:

Melanie Hendriks was a drama teacher at St John’s College in Hamilton for only a short time before she struck up a sexual relationship with two teenage students at the all boys school.

A decision handed down from the New Zealand Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal detailed the sex acts Hendriks initiated with the teenage boys. The decision also printed verbatim the sordid text messages Hendriks sent to the students which detailed her desires.

The matter was referred to the police; however, police advised they would not prosecute.

They were much too busy out on the roads with their speed cameras, Alf imagines.

But the teachers’ tribunal has censured Hendriks.

It has also detailed the graphic nature of the former teacher’s offending.

Hendriks admitted having sex with both students on school grounds, in her vehicle, and took one student to Minogue Park in Hamilton.

She continued “sexual communication” with one student, referred to as Student A, after she was stood down by the school for the misconduct on November 15, 2014.

In a text message to one student, she said: “I can’t stop thinking about us.”

Student B was given rides home by Hendriks in her car where there would be kissing and heavy petting.

She would also ask him to visit her in the drama room at the school to talk about their relationship.

Hendriks encouraged the student to lie to his mother so they could meet up after he had finished school.

The tribunal said both boys had “suffered immense stress” and potential for ridicule from their friends.

Dunno what makes the modern schoolboy tick – or get stressed.

But Alf is bound to confess he would have been far from troubled, had he been able to strike up this sort of a relationship with a teacher (but not all teachers, he hastens to add, and he would never let Mrs Grumble know of the deep envy he harbours regarding the lads involved in the carry-on reported here).

By the way, all credit to the school for acting quickly when it learned of the incident.

Hendriks was stood down pending the outcome of the tribunal.

Now the the tribunal has censured her for serious misconduct and cancelled her registration.

She has been ordered to pay half of the costs incurred by the complainant.

Perhaps the circumstances and ages of the boys are critical factors.

But Alf notes that a corporal’s wife was jailed for three years in Britain for having sex with the 14-year-old son of a soldier – after a judge said her original suspended sentence was ‘unjustifiably’ soft.

Caroline Salisbury, 28, was given a two-year suspended sentence in March for sleeping with the teenager, whom she met on a school bus at a British military base in Germany.

But at the Court of Appeal yesterday, that sentence was overturned for being ‘too lenient’. Instead, three senior judges sentenced her to three years in prison with immediate effect.

It emerged at the hearing that the mother of two had also had sex with the boy’s 17-year-old brother a year before.

The court also heard how Royal Military Police warned Salisbury away from the 14-year-old twice after being told what was happening, but did not arrest her.

Sir Brian Leveson, sitting with Mr Justice Kenneth Parker and Mr Justice Stewart, said he had never seen a case where an offender had been warned by the police where the conduct was of real gravity not once but twice.

He listed a host of aggravating features, including her attempts to delete sordid Facebook conversations and her ‘revolting’ attempt to claim that the boy had raped her.

This accusation collapsed when a Facebook video message she sent to him was found, saying: ‘I cannot wait for you to f*** me again.’ She had also told the boy not to go to the police, claiming she would have her children taken away

According to the Daily Mail, Salisbury, from Suffolk, met the child in her role as a school bus monitor.

She set up a Facebook account using a different name and contacted him, inviting him to her house which she shared with her husband and two young children.

A court in Colchester heard how she had groomed her victim and plied him with alcohol while her husband was on duty overseas. She claimed she acted as she did because she was ‘starved of affection’ by her estranged husband David – then a corporal in the Royal Engineers, based in Germany.

After sleeping with the boy on two occasions, she was contacted by the RMP who warned her against seeing the boy again.

But she but continued to groom him using a pseudonym on Facebook and slept with him on another two occasions.

Judge Advocate Emma Peters took pity on Salisbury and gave her a two-year jail term, suspended for two years.

But the boy’s family, including his father who is a serving soldier, and an MP, complained to the Attorney General that this was too soft.

The Court of Appeal judges were made of sterner stuff than the judge advocate.

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