It helps to get words like “nun” and “masturbating” into your lobbying pitch to grab public attention

February 14, 2015

The Family First mob – an admirable outfit in most respects  – should consult with the Taxpayers’ Union on the small matter of  attention-grabbing.

Both organisations are complaining (and rightly so) about a t-shirt that some tossers regard as a legitimate museum piece.

Alf will be going out to argue for a t-shirt burning, should his help be needed, and he will certainly be asking questions in Parliament of our Minister of Arts, Culture and What-have you and/or Minister of Local Government.

He will also be thundering his outrage in a speech to the House, should he be given the opportunity.

But he knew nothing about any outrage,  despite  Family First being the first to post a press statement on the matter at Scoop.

Not until the Taxpayers Union posted its press statement on the same matter.

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If children saw the painting that has been removed from a London gallery… well, what exactly?

July 14, 2014
You've got to lower your sights to find the problem area.

You’ve got to lower your sights to find the problem area.

Alf has often been deeply fascinated by the urge of some people to ensure the rest of us are not shocked.

This urge to keep things decent has led in the UK to the removal of a painting by London- and Berlin-based artist Leena McCall from London’s Mall Gallery on the grounds that it is “too pornographic and disgusting”.

According to this report at Artdaily:

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