Paul Henry should try dropping the C word into his diatribe, now that the T word has been ruled OK

April 10, 2015

Alf hesitates to use the C word in polite company because it usually is rated the most offensive word in the English language.

Giving offence is best avoided when communicating with constituents, so it won’t be used here.

But the Grumbles are both interested in words and their meanings, and when Mrs Grumble went googling for the meaning of the C word she found this at the top of the page of suggested sites:

a woman’s genitals.

an unpleasant or stupid person.

Alf prefers to talk of “naughty bits” (in the former case) and “tosser”, “plonker” or “moron” when he is writing about unpleasant or stupid people.

In his vocabulary the words “greenies” and “lefties” similarly are apt to be unpleasant or stupid people.

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