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To contact Alf Grumble email him. He welcomes laudatory messages but although committed to robust debate is apt to turn tetchy when his views are challenged.

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  1. bustedblonde says:

    jeeze boyo you are only up the road and round the corner from rangitumau. Nice blog… welcome to the VRWC

  2. billy says:

    The local tip is closing next year due to expiring constent so there will be no where local to take any rubbish or recycling ,so costs will explode

    • Alf Grumble says:

      Oops – I’ve been a bit slack in dealing with this. I was thinking about buying a skip and leaving it somewhere handy within the electorate. Locals could have dumped their rubbish in it, and each week I would have hauled it to Wellington to be emptied on the Green seats in the debating chamber. But getting the skip past Parliament’s eagle-eyed security guards seemed to be an insurmountable problem. Look what happened when my mate Shane Ardern tried getting his tractor up the steps of Parliament. Let’s just say I’m keeping eye on this one.

    • Ian Parkes says:

      Good old Alf has the solution.He’s putting it all in his blog.

  3. Gus MacRae says:

    Hi Alf, nice article regarding The Bakshi brothel beat-up – you hit it on the nail – keep up the good work!!

    • Alf Grumble says:

      You can be sure the good work will be kept up, because all my work is good work and I am not ready to retire. But thanks a lot for your kind words. You are obviously a bloke with a splendid sense of what is good and what is crap.

  4. Gus MacRae says:

    Whats your opinion of the Fiji Debarcle – does he have a right to assert authority or is he just a bully?

    • Alf Grumble says:

      I think the commodore had good intentions about cleaning up matters – in the electoral system and with corruption – that cried out for attention. His ends are admirable – the means he has chosen to reach them are not.

  5. Anahera says:

    Is this a serious article? I find it interesting that you are compelled to write an article, first indicating that all unemployed in Porirua are Maori and secondly getting your knickers in a twist over correct usage of a language that you are ignorant to.

    Let me remind you, the alphabetisation of the Maori language occured so that ignorant Pakeha could actually pronounce it, Maori didn’t need this alphabet, and in that sense once again we are in a position to place Macrons on a the language so that the ignorant Pakeha can pronounce it properly.

    Instead of writing useless articles on a language you seem to have little knowledge of, perhaps you should learn something useful, like another language and then you may grow some respect for something else other than your articles

  6. Alf Grumble says:

    I presume you refer to my post on macron mania in Porirua. If this be so, you draw a long bow when you say I was claiming that all unemployed in Porirua are Maori. I said no such thing (but if you insist that’s what I did say, then regard this as a clarification). As for getting my knickers in a twist over anything, sorry, but I don’t wear knickers. Good old jockeys for me.

  7. Jack says:

    Hey, I just started reading your blog – thanks for the good work. As an FYI that it’s not displaying properly on the BlackBerry Browser (I have a Tour). Anyway, I am now subscribed to your RSS feed on my home PC, so thanks again!

  8. john says:

    I think you’re missing the point on Pat Norris completely, he filmed his cheating wife which I think far outways the fact he caught her on film without her knowledge. Boo Hoo the poor innocent victimised wife, I applaud Norris’s actions, shame the skank.

  9. J Subritzky says:

    Kia ora Alf,
    Would you have contact details for Te Whanau O Hamiora Mangakahia.
    We have just recently received information that they are claiming kaitiaki status over the Kermedec Islands.

    Ngati Kuri is one of the Northern most tribes of Muriwhenua, and we have close historical ties to the kermedec Islands and have placed a pou-whenua on the Island some years ago.

  10. tracey says:

    hi alf i’m one of the woman so called known to police and all the other names that my daughter and myself have been called in the press, i aprreciated reading your support sincerly as the story dictated was mostly out of oontext, we are facing 6 to 12 months of court hearings and hefty fines or imprisonment this is ridiculous we had nothing against cyclists at that stage cheers and thankyou again tracey

  11. Thanks for your approval … let us know your address and we’ll send you some of fantastic new brew to sample.

  12. whatsaysyou says:

    Hi Alf,

    You got a great blog here and perhaps you should next time in the near future write up a blog article about the issue of people who abuse the student loan system and refuse to pay it all back.

  13. Alf,Your email address is not working;
    Hi Alf, I came across your blog the other day whilst doing some research, an excellent read.
    I have just completed building a website today, called Kiwis United – and have added one of your pages into the mix. I hope you don’t mind, credits included, and placed a link to your blog in our site links.

    We would appreciate more of your refreshing articles if that is a possibility.

    Best Regards

  14. anonymous says:

    Hi Alf

    I wrote a comment on one of your blogs that I was wanting to edit. Is this possible?

    • Alf Grumble says:

      Email Alf to let him know which comment you want edited, and the nature of the editing you require, and Mrs Grumble (if she is in a good mood) will take care of it

  15. whatsaysyou says:

    Hello, Mr. Grumble. Can you write touch on this issue which is now in the news in regards to this:


  16. charlie coleman says:

    Yea gidday mate.
    A while back you did a blog on lewis stirling. he stole a car around blenheim and drove it round town in a police chase. well seems he didn’t last long. Hes back in jail, thank goodness. Thought you might like to do another blog. Whats your thoughts on guns?

    • Alf Grumble says:

      Alf is indifferent, when it comes to a view on guns. But he does have stong views – critical ones – about tossers who don’t respect guns or, worse, who put guns to criminal use.

  17. michael john young says:

    Sir, New Zealand does not have indigenous citizens recognized by the Bureau of Private/International Law at Hague Netherlands. From this institution Maori are only regarded as NATIVE. In my books that is the same status given to ALL new zealand born people. L.M.

  18. lanya murray says:

    Sir,regarding water rights of the Maori, or any rights for that matter, under the Treaty of Waitangi, in Article 2, it clearly states ” ki nga Rangitira ki nga hapu- ki nga tangata katoa o Nu Tirani” which translates to ” the chiefs and the tribes and all the people of New Zealand.” Now if I’m not mistaken this document recognized by the United Nations, as it’s written in native tongue, gives equal rights to all the people. So, under what jurisdiction can Maori claim ownership of rfesh water ?

  19. Lanya says:

    I have an idea about private public partnerships regarding prisons.The NZ govt should be in partnership with the Taiwnese govt or business, to maintain a prison for NZ Maori over there. This shows cultural sensitivity by sending radical non-conforming Maori home, to learn their history and connect with their past. Due to costs involved of the upkeep of these prisons, they will be fiscally cheaper for the tax payers in NZ.

  20. Lanya says:

    Gay marriage – a Roman ideology. Civil Union was adequate in endorsing the legality of wills and property, but the spiritual union with God as a witness?? Ask God

  21. Lanya says:

    There is widespread media corruption in NZ as the reporting of news items, is politically swayed by a group of pundits with an elitist agenda. The same crowd which hounded Don Brash for an affair, because he wanted equality for all people under the law, are now castigating the National Party, because they haven’t given in to water ownership. The pundits use media as a tool to apply political pressure and do not represent the interests of the general public.

  22. Barry says:

    Hello Alf

    I hope you are ok. (You haven’t posted since 30 June 2015.)

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