Hitler’s bombs didn’t bother the Brits’ ancestors – but a 1080 drop might have riled them

May 7, 2013
Londoners took offence at their city being bombed...but their ancestors were indifferent.

Londoners took offence at their city being bombed…but their ancestors were indifferent.

Alf’s ancestors – because they happen to by very dead – don’t give a toss about what happens to the places where they once lived.

Most of them happened to have lived and died in England, some of them buried long ago in cities upon which the Luftwaffe dropped many bombs during World War II.

The good citizens of those cities were deeply affronted by the bombings, of course, and regarded Herr Hitler’s assault on their country as seriously disrespectful. But so far as Alf is aware, his ancestors were blissfully indifferent to the blitz.

Dunno if this indifference happens to be a British thing, but in this country the ancestors of the tangata whenua are much more twitchy about having things dropped on the places where they once wandered.

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