The blot on Aaron’s copybook means he has missed out on Paula’s patronage

May 14, 2013

Poor old Aaron Gilmore should be kicking his own butt. Hard.

He only had to keep his nose clean and we Nats would have rewarded him with a nice job somewhere whenever he decided to give up politics.

That’s what we did with Dr Jackie Blue, who recently was appointed the Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner.

Aaron didn’t keep his nose clean, of course, and he is quitting in unhappy circumstances.

Alas, he therefore shouldn’t expect to be rewarded with a job like…

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So that’s who he is? He’s a bloke called Aaron Gilmore and he is awfully self-important

May 2, 2013
No, this is not Alf, who happens to be much older, wiser and considerably more modest.

No, this is not Alf, who is older, wiser and much more modest.

Well, at least one thing has been sorted out. Alf now knows the identity of the Nat (and nit) who sits just along from him on the back benches.

He learned it by checking out the newspapers on line today and encountering this picture alongside a fascinating report at Stuff (here).

Accordingly, if asked, Alf could come up with the right answer, should the aforementioned Nat (and nit) hand over his business card and demand “Don’t you know who I am? I’m an important politician”.

And why might he act in this thoroughly unparliamentary way?

Because of some unseemly goings-on in Hanmer alleged to have happened at the weekend.

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When Standard & Poor’s exposes our savings problem, we can bank on the Maori Party providing a solution

November 25, 2010

You’ve got to admire the Maori Party’s zeal and gall, and its readiness to seize on any issue to promote a Maori approach to doing things.

Take savings, for example.

Savings (or our lack of them) has been the subject of heated discussion in recent days, since the Standard and Poor’s mob put the frighteners into us about our debt.

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