Bring it on – a harder ACC regime

October 18, 2009

It’s hardly a secret when a hack in the Parliamentary Press gallery can share it with us. But the Sunday Times Star gurgles today about a Secret ACC plan to charge all victims $100.

The Sunday Star-Times has obtained a shopping list of Accident Compensation Corporation proposals to pare back compensation entitlements as it deals with a $4.8 billion blowout.

The list justifies the worst fears of compensation recipients, particularly those who have been on the scheme long-term. While ACC Minister Nick Smith insists that the government will never dismantle the no-fault public-owned insurance scheme, the proposals obtained by the Star-Times suggest otherwise.

Among the proposals on the list –
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Let’s toss idiots in with the criminals

October 13, 2009

Can’t say too many of Alf’s constituents in the fabulously law-abiding community of Eketahuna will quibble with one of the proposals being aired to help the financially troubled Accident Compensation Commission.

According to Radio NZ, people injured while committing a crime should no longer expect long-term support” from the ACC under proposed changes.

Can’t see why the criminal classes should be given any support, actually.

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