No, we shouldn’t be following the bloody wowsers – let’s take our cues on leadership from Churchill

August 1, 2014
Here's where prohibition takes you.

Here’s where prohibition takes you.

Alf was alarmed to learn The Boss has confessed to guests at a fundraising event that he has been on the wagon since his return from a Hawaii holiday last month.

According to this report at Stuff:

Key revealed his abstinence at a fundraising event at Wellington’s Dockside restaurant on Wednesday night. He noted the irony about delivering a speech while standing in the bar.

A spokeswoman said “He is just taking good care of himself for the campaign.” Key is known to favour pinor noir and English-brewed Bath Ales.

Obviously The Boss did not consult Alf before taking what looks like a drastic as well as highly unnecessary course of action.

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The Clayton Weatherston wipe-out: a Sunday rag’s role in a shabby case of biblioclasm

December 11, 2011

Book burning in Berlin, May 1933.

Alf was about to express his astonishment at a major newspaper championing censorship.

But no. In fact he is by no means astonished. The populist press will do anything to curry favour with its readers, and if that means forgetting about guiding principles – aw shucks, why not?

One of the principles typically promoted by newspapers is entrenched in the phrase “the public has a right to know”, or some variance of it.

The buggers will often delve into people’s private lives, shrieking – if thwarted – about a denial of the public’s right to know.

When it comes to private lives the public only sometimes has a right to know, but it does have a huge appetite for gossip.

So when we come to shaping public attitudes to book burnings, what role should we expect a newspaper to play?

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Hitler’s birthplace is moved and his honours removed: a cautionary tale about local body reform

July 9, 2011

He was a cute little bastard at this age...

Funny buggers, your Austrians.

They gave civilization Haydn, Mozart, Schubert, Mahler and a bunch of Strausses.

But they contributed to decivilization, too.

They gave us Maria Anna Schicklgruber, who spawned an illegitimate baby who became a bigger bastard when he grew up.

One of the great bastards of history, actually.

Yep. Adolf Hitler.

But it has taken some time for some bits of Austria to recognise it’s a bad look to keep Adolf on as an honorary citizen.

A few weeks back, several towns in Austria were checking their archives to see if Adolf Hitler was still an honorary citizen of their communities.

It follows an announcement by the town of Amstetten that – more than 60 years after his death – it was finally revoking Hitler’s honorary title.

Hitler visited Amstetten – west of Vienna – in 1938, and was made an honorary citizen the following year.

Just one thing bothers Alf about this.

It’s the small matter of the role played by the Green Party in having Hitler dishonoured.

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So it’s up yours, Adolf

July 5, 2009
Hitler's drawing of a car for the people ... the beginning of a long line of Volkswagens

Hitler's drawing of a car for the people ... the beginning of a long line of Volkswagens

There will be much ado in the legal fraternity today at revelations of police investigating some goings-on involving a senior district court judge.

North Shore District Court judge Michael Lance QC has been interviewed by police officers investigating the keying of a car parked across the garage driveway of his $1 million Browns Bay, North Shore, apartment earlier this year.

Lance a former police complaints authority deputy head has vigorously denied the allegation, telling Sunday News he did nothing wrong.
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