Don Brash is not too old to lead ACT – but is he daft enough to want to quit a great political party?

April 24, 2011

So how will he look in a yellow jacket?

It’s not often that Alf gets niggly during his visits to the splendid Keeping Stock blog site.

But at the age of sixty-mumble-mumble, Alf still aspires to leading the National Party, although he keeps this ambition very private so as not to give the buggers in the Beehive any grounds for questioning his loyalty.

He is thoroughly devoted to the National Party, of course, and has been naive enough to think nobody(especially him) would want to lead the ACT Party after leading the National Party.

It seems he is wrong.

A few reports at the weekend suggest Don Brash is scheming to do just that.

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Lady copper earns rebuke

April 28, 2009

Gotta strike a blow for elderly people tonight and shout enthusiastic support for the Age Concern national president Liz Baxendine. Way to go, Liz.

Her hackles were raised by a Rolleston policewoman’s criticism of older drivers and doctors after an older woman’s “minor” car accident. She described the lady copper’s remarks as “inappropriate”.

Maybe the accident was not too minor. The elderly motorist did plough through six suburban fences.

But hey. Give her a break. It could have been Alf’s mum.
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