It looks like Iraq’s fighting forces have been trained by the American Olympic team’s sprint coaches

June 13, 2014
We might have to run for it if we can't thumb a ride...

We might have to run for it if we can’t thumb a ride…

If you peep through your window this morning, and spot someone running down your road in Army kit, it may well be a fleeing Iraqi solider.

Iraq’s fighting forces seem to be in full fleeing mode at the minute and Alf would by no means be surprised if they haven’t run as far as this country in their desperate efforts to put a great distance between themselves and the insurgent forces that are giving them a hard time.

Check out these reports.

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Islamic grave vandals scare Libyan cops – so a Kiwi team should go and dish out some rough justice

March 19, 2012

A good dose of utu is called for.

Ngapuhi leader David Rankin would do us a favour by helping to round up a small army to deal with the Islamic militants who desecrated Kiwi veterans’ graves in Libya.

The idea is to track down the buggers and give ’em a bloody good thrashing.

Utu, if you prefer.

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If our kids are fat and unfit, where will we find the players for future All Black teams?

September 28, 2011

Dressed to kill but too fat to fight.

Officials obviously are keen to read what Alf has to say on this and that, and – in this case – what he has to say about child health matters.

Within days of your favourite MP blogging on the topic, we have evidence to affirm that children living within easy walking or cycling distance of school are continuing to be driven there despite increasing efforts to curb New Zealand’s alarming childhood obesity rates.

Stuff tells us today of a 2006-07 study that found that one in five Kiwi children was overweight and one in 12 was obese.

But the fresh news is:

Less than 40 per cent of Wellington children living within five kilometres of their schools walk or bike each day, as busy lives and safety concerns drive parents and their kids into cars, survey results from Greater Wellington regional council show.

Half of those being driven to school live within 2km, according to the study of 27 schools.

Alf could regale you with recollections of his walking 20 km to and from school each day in bare feet, sometimes in snow and often in rain, although this would be a gross fabrication of the sort more typically generated by Labour and Green politicians.

But he did walk to and from school.

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Forget about Crusher Collins – let’s persuade her to become Slugger with this tasty idea

February 23, 2010

Alf has an idea for our Corrections Minister, the admirable Crusher Collins. Our Defence Minister, Wayne Mapp, is smart enough to see the possibilities, too.

Alf’s fertile mind was activated by news that Mapp, wearing his Research, Science and Technology hat, is thinking about coughing up good public money to help study toxic sea slugs.

As the NZ Herald reports today, scientists want to know how far the highly poisonous slugs have spread and why they have suddenly become toxic. But the Environment Ministry and other government departments have so far refused to pay.

Toxic snails? How toxic?
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