McCully is doing Haden a favour by kicking him out of the diplomacy business

July 10, 2010

Dunno what Murray McCully expected from Andy Haden, when he appointed him a Rugby World Cup Ambassador.

Haden is widely known as a robust sort of a bloke with a robust way of expressing himself.

He tells it as he sees it in a language that can be salty and (if your are a woofter) discomforting.

Now he has shot his mouth off once too often and – says the Herald – his role as an ambassador is over after he made comments suggesting women who target sport stars and end up being raped are partly to blame.

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Viva la difference and be grateful for an indigenous perspective on race-based team selections

June 1, 2010

You’ve got to give credit to the Maori Party for one thing: they have a deliciously special way of taking a position during a political controversy. This is thoroughly appropriate, of course, because – as we all know – our Maori people have been deemed special by the United Nations.

The special thinking in the case of Andy Haden is a splendid example.

The party is rejecting his apologies for making a racist remark and is howling for him to prove his allegations about Canterbury Crusaders selection policy.

The wonderful thing is that it is expressing its strong opposition to race-based selection policies for rugby teams, although it happens to be in favour of race-based selections in other matters.

Dunno what makes rugby special. It is not an indigenous game, so far as Alf understands.

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What nonsense is this at Internal Affairs? Oh, yes – they have been made to look pathetic by a Maori mum

May 31, 2010

Talking about increasingly craven demands for PC language and behaviour (as Alf was doing with his previous post), the SOLO site is always worth a visit as an antidote.

Its motto is “say what you mean, and mean what you say”.

Libertarian Lindsay Perigo has taken up the Andy Haden matter, describing Murray McCully as “Rugby World Cup Commissar—a position that shouldn’t exist…”

McCully (says Perigo) met with former All Black Andy Haden “to tell him to pull his head in.

Governments, according to McCully, exist to run Rugby World Cups and tell people what to think.

But Alf was much more taken by an earlier item, which followed up on an issue raised the other day by the splendid Cactus Kate.

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Now that Haden has climbed out of the ruck, let him get on with the game of being an ambassador

May 31, 2010

The mad media seem somewhat surprised in having to report that Rugby World Cup ambassador Andy Haden will stay on in his role.

It’s enough for those who decided Haden can keep the job that he has made a mistake, apologised, and (as the Herald tells us) that’s the end of the matter.

So it bloody should be.

Alf was mortified to see the groundswell of demands for the forthright former All Black’s sacking as an “ambassador” because he had referred to Polynesians as “darkies”.

Good grief. Do we want our All Blacks to be a bunch of fairies? Or to become a bunch of fairies after their playing days have finished?

The Herald, certainly, seems keen to avoid using the troublesome word today except as a direct quote to explain what exactly was said.

Haden’s comments last week – that the Crusaders Super 14 franchise had a limit to the number of Polynesian players they had – sparked heated debate nationwide.

His use of a racial term many regard as offensive sparked even more controversy.

“Once they’ve recruited three, that’s it. That’s their ceiling. Three darkies – no more,” he said on the Deaker on Sport TV panel show.

As the whole country now knows, Rugby World Cup minister Murray McCully was under pressure to sack Haden as one of six world cup ambassadors.

He met the former All Black yesterday, and afterwards:

Mr McCully announced that Haden would keep his role but said it was not favourable to have to be addressing issues such as suggested racism or the use of language, instead of rugby.

“Look, if we were to take out everyone who made a mistake and shoot them, we’d sooner or later run out of people to do things in this country,” the minister said.

“Mr Haden accepts that his use [of] a particular term caused offence. He has – without any prompting from me – already apologised for causing offence … That, as far as I am concerned, is the end of the matter.”

The Herald tells us Haden again apologised in a statement yesterday for his use of the word “darkies” and said he had realised it had caused great offence.

“On a television sports programme last week, I used a term that has caused significant public comment in recent days – it was never my intention to cause offence.”

However, Haden did not apologise for suggesting there was a Polynesian quota. Last night, he did not want to comment further.

McCully is separating himself and his appointments from the quota issue, saying the individual Super 14 franchises dealt with player selections and that was a debate he was not prepared to take part in.

Alf is happy with that.

He would have been happier if the Government had stayed out of the matter from the outset.

Things have come to a pretty pass if blokes like Haden must be given a personality transplant and become mamby-pamby eunuchs when they are appointed by blokes like McCully to do the country a favour by promoting the Rugby World Cup, for which taxpayers are coughing up millions of dollars.