A wee problem on the train: embarrassed passenger solved it by peeing into a plastic bag

April 3, 2014

Gerard Depardieu...not as coy as the passenger from Upper Hutt.

Gerard Depardieu…not as coy as the passenger from Upper Hutt.

Being of an age where his bladder is not what it was, Alf has some sympathy for the Upper Hutt woman who opted to pee into a plastic bag in front of passengers on a broken-down Wellington train.

He also understands why she would not want to be identified.

But he does wonder what Tranz Metrol is supposed to do when a fallen power line causes an electrical fault, forcing the train to a standstill for nearly two hours.

Here’s how Stuff tells it:

Passengers were told they could not leave the train while it was being repaired, as a live electrical cable was resting on the carriage.

So what were the train staff supposed to do?

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