Perhaps Sue Kedgley should consult the chooks before freeing them from their cages

February 21, 2012

So we can live in a cage and be turned into Tegel pieces or become free rangers and be cannibalised.

Would the chickens on a certain farm in the Wairarapa – those that are still alive, that is – vote for the Greens, if the franchise was widened to include chooks?

At first blush, they would vote Green, because the Green Party has championed their welfare for years.

In October last year – for example – the Greens joined animal rights groups in calling on the Government to reject the use of colony cages for layer hens.

At that time, the Royal New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RNZSPCA) and Save Animals From Exploitation (SAFE) called a press conference to announce their opposition to the cages.

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It’s called progress: namby-pamby consumers will beat an egg but want cockies to be kind to cows

January 12, 2010

Alf became wistful at breakfast, as he mused on the good old days when a bloke could whack the kids when the buggers misbehaved or wallop a cow that became wayward on its wanderings to the milk-shed.

Nowadays some interfering busy-body will report you to the authorities. Next thing you know, a hefty penalty will have been imposed.

These musings were prompted by news that a North Canterbury farmer, a John Dalmer, has been fined $17,500 and ordered to pay court and inquiry costs of more than $60,000 for letting his stock starve.

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But not all sows will be locked up for Christmas

November 25, 2009

It’s always a pleasure to see greenie grouch Sue Kedgley get her come-uppance in the House. Hence Alf enjoyed yesterday’s Question Time, before we got into the tedium of the ETS legislation.

Sue was banging on about pig farming, codes of welfare, and what-have-you.

She asked Alf’s mate David Carter, our worthy Minister of Agriculture, if he stood by his statement of 20 May 2009 “I would like to be able to issue a new code of welfare for pigs by the end of this year”. She also asked if he was confident this would be achieved.

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And a big oink, oink to SAFE

July 2, 2009

A blow has been struck for honest, hard-working pig farmers after the hysteria aroused by animal welfare nutters.

Radio NZ reports –

An investigation by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has cleared a Levin piggery of any breaches of the current Code of Welfare for Pigs.

The pig farm was at the centre of a report by Television New Zealand’s Sunday programme which alleged widespread cruelty against animals.

But the MAF inquiry does not support this and the piggery in question has been cleared.
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Shabby grandstanding on animal welfare

May 20, 2009

Just as you can’t make a silk purse from a pig’s ear, nor can you make a federal case from a sow crate.

But tell that to Sue Kedgley, who boasts the title Green Animal Welfare Spokesperson.

Earlier this week Kedgley was kicking up a hullabaloo and calling on the Minister of Agriculture to visit a typical intensive pig farm to see for himself “the cruelty sows endure when they are locked into crates for months on end.”

Ms Kedgley’s call follows the Minister’s admission on television last night that he did not know sow crates were widely used in pig farming in New Zealand. Last night on TV1’s Sunday programme, Mr Carter was shown video footage of hundreds of sows locked in crates or cages on a North Island pig farm.

The Sunday programme featured secretly filmed footage of a pig farm by a bunch of animal rights zealots, Save Animals From Exploitation (SAFE).
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Here’s one way of muting Kedgley

March 24, 2009

Perhaps we should ship the Greens” Sue Kedgley to Saudi Arabia. Or anywhere.

That way, we would be rid of her constant bleating about farm practices, and seriously reduce the shrillness levels in Wellington at the same time.
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