Our Minister of Corrections has some correcting to do about the somewhat mucky Mutu matter

December 19, 2011

And stay there until you can come up with an acceptable explanation.

Oh dear. Looks like Anne Tolley has not done her homework.

Our newly appointed Minister of Police today is being accused of misleading the public over what she knew – when she was Minister of Education – about a suspended school principal’s appointment as an expert adviser.

The NZ Herald today reports that Deborah Anne Mutu resigned as principal at Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Kaikohe in 2008 after her husband John Hone Mutu was suspended by the school’s board of trustees the previous year.

She later worked for the Ministry of Education as an “expert” adviser to principals.

But her copybook has been well and truly blotted.

Alf learns today –

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The Pita principle: support national standards in Parliament, then worry about the consequences

February 2, 2010

Prime Minister John Key should be more pissed off with the shifting positions of Pita Sharples than with teacher unions, which he has criticised over their opposition to national standards.

He says – and Alf agrees – the unions are simply protecting under-performing teachers.

But the unions have been doing exactly that for as long as Alf can remember.

The shifting sands under Sharples are another matter. The bugger is the Associate Minister of Education, after all.

The Maori Party co-leader supported the enabling legislation when it was introduced to Parliament, let’s not forget.

Now (according to Stuff) he says he holds “grave fears” about new nationals standards, which will set benchmarks for reading, writing and maths.

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