Another lesson in co-governance: Winiata is laying claim to a half share of a trust fund

July 3, 2012

The Anglican Church is having a fascinating experience as a consequence of its co-governance arrangements.

Just as Alf has foreseen, the Maori bit of the partnership is laying claim to a 50% slice of some church money.

The key player in this money grab is Professor Whatarangi Winiata, a feller who was instrumental in having the Anglican Church structure itself in a racially separatist way.

The three houses of the church, tikanga Maori, tikanga Pakeha and tikanga Pacifica, preside over their own affairs but come together to make decisions affecting the entire church.

The same Professor Winiata was a key player in setting up the Maori Party, which champions race-based claims to the nation’s economic resources, although we Nats are counselled against making much fuss about the Maori Party’s separatist power play.

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Today’s NZRU bosses have stuff to say sorry for, but 1928-60 tour decisions are not among them

April 5, 2010

Alf is seriously discomforted by the urge among modern-day malcontents to demand apologies for the mischief done to their ancestors.

Clamouring for such apologies is something he expects from Pita Sharples, our Minister of Maori Affairs, of course. Sharples is a chronic complainant about all sorts of things, particularly if a racist edge to whatever happened can be found.

Sure enough – Sharples is now wailing about the Rugby Union’s disinclination to apologise to former Maori players – and their families – for excluding them from past tours to South Africa on racial grounds.
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