Pita’s attitude pisses off lots of people, but which aspect of it prompted a staffer’s departure?

August 12, 2012

We learn from the Herald on Sunday that Pita Sharples has an “attitude”.

We knew that, of course, so it shouldn’t be regarded as news.

His attitude is palpable every time he is interviewed, makes speeches, issues media statements, or whatever.

It’s an attitude that is fiercely pro-Maori, promoting “our people” as “special” citizens, which is apt to piss off the rest of us who on that basis are immediately classified as second-class citizens.

It seems to have pissed off one of his staff members, too, which explains why the HoS thinks it is worth bringing to the attention of its readers.

The HoS story suggests there is an element to Sharples’ attitude which has escaped Alf’s notice.

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