Eviction orders are discriminatory, true, but bias is great when it favours we older people

May 29, 2010

Alf was tempted, at first blush, to see something ominous in the goings-on near Maketu, where a Maori company has ordered a beachside community to bugger off.

This – surely – will be happening up and down the country if the Government buckles and gives the seabed and foreshore back to the Maori who lay claim to them.

The mollifying element in the Little Waihi evictions is that Pakeha and Maori alike are being given the boot.

Or some of them are. Older ones can stay on.

The Herald reports the matter today –

A community in an idyllic coastal spot has been told it must leave within a year, abandoning baches which have stood on the site for 65 years.

At least 29 homeowners in Little Waihi, to the east of Tauranga near Maketu in the Bay of Plenty, have had their yearly lease terminated by the commercial arm of the Arawa iwi, which owns the land. More than 120 people will be affected.

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Callous and stupid teens show contempt for human life and a dismaying disregard for combustibles

March 24, 2010

Alf despairs at the way we are raising our children, after reading stories highlighting stupidity and calousness among our young people in the Herald today.

First, the stupid:

A 14-year-old suffered severe burns to 35 per cent of his body after an accident in woodwork class.

The incident involved one Jamie Knox, a Year 10 student at Waiuku College, south of Auckland, who finished up in Middlemore Hospital waiting to undergo surgery for partial to superficial burns to his chest, legs and arms.

But the stupid one – unnamed – was the bugger who caused the accident.

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It’s progress of sorts – we no longer burn witches but set fire to buildings that spook us instead

January 4, 2010

Here’s hoping the cops catch the bugger who is burning down schools in the Wellington area.

But if he is smart he will shoot through to Christchurch, a city peopled by oddballs and led by a mayor who has welcomed the demolition of a property persistently attacked by arsonists.

It’s a city, too, where the cops have sadly failed to catch those responsible for the fires.

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