Uh, oh – Vanda’s back in the headlines

June 27, 2009

Names weren’t needed. Alf knew immediately which one was involved when he spotted the headline: Deputy quits after clash at museum.

He was right. It was the Auckland Museum. And yep – the story revealed yet another contretemps involving its director, Vanda Vitali. The woman has a remarkable flair for whipping up trouble.
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Peter Hillary – or Peter Pan?

May 16, 2009

Alf is becoming thoroughly pissed off by media references to Sir Edmund Hillary’s “children”.

It’s popped up again this morning, with a report in The Herald.

Prime Minister John Key has offered to mediate in the dispute between Sir Edmund Hillary’s children and Auckland Museum over control of Sir Ed’s papers.

Peter and Sarah Hillary are going to the High Court in a bid to to keep control of writings, diaries and family photographs their father left to the museum in his will.

Their legal action, to be heard on June 24, names the executors of their father’s estate as defendants, but the dispute is with the museum over the interpretation of a clause in the will.

Yesterday, Mr Key said it would be good if the dispute could be resolved before it got to court.

“If my office can play a role in mediation, we would be happy to do that.”

Why not bring in the Children’s Commission? Does that outfit get involved in this sort of issue?

Not bloody likely (forgetting for a moment the great good that would be done if the bloody commission was dismantled). Not until Peter and Sarah have been smacked.

Peter Hillary is 55; his sister Sarah 54.

Big enough to look after their own problems, you would think.

Actually, the buggers are old enough to be grandparents.

Children? Bollocks.