The idiots (pink and green) will be packing their bags for a return to Wellington to do battle

February 9, 2015

The NZ Herald’s Audrey Young has jolted Alf out of his summer torpor with an article that reminded him to pack his bags and get back to Wellington for the resumption of Parliament this week.

This jolt also reminded him of a great line written by the late Molly Ivins,  an American columnist,  when the politicians returned to duty in the Texas Legislature.

“Whee, here we go, the Lege is back in session! And many a village is missing its idiot.”

She could have written the same thing of New Zealand’s villages tomorrow, although in this case she would need to remind readers  she was referring only to MPs from parties other than National.

Audrey Young should have borne this in mind before writing her introductory paragraph.

It has a distinct lean to Labour and to idiocy.

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The Monarchical Mr Speaker has muted media freedoms – but which hack complained to him?

October 7, 2011

Alf normally turns to No Right Turn in the expectation he will find something highly disagreeable and, more often than not, seriously disputatious. But then, what should we expect from an Idiot Savant?

Now and again, however, even an idiot savant can have a good day, and today the bugger has hit a rich vein in discussing the latest antics of “our monarchical Speaker”.

He recalls that on Wednesday, a bloke sitting in the gallery of Parliament – a seriously unhinged bloke, in Alf’s humble opinion – tried to throw himself over the railing and on to the floor of the chamber.

The Herald’s Audrey Young, sitting in the Press Gallery nearby, snapped a photo on her phone of the ensuing struggle as security guards and members of the public attempted to stop the man from going over the edge (although he had gone over the edge by going over the edge, if that makes sense, which it does to Alf).

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Yep, it’s designed to help poor people – but sorry, it has a Maori Party copyright stamp on it

February 15, 2010

A mate in the Eketahuna Club was teasing Alf at the weekend with a ticklish question: who needs an Opposition in Parliament when you’ve got a coalition partner like the Maori Party?

Yep. Alf had to admit the coalition relationship is becoming strained over issues like ownership of the seabed and foreshore and raising GST as part of much-needed tax reforms. He draws attention to a good piece on this by the NZ Herald’s Audrey Young today.

It’s bad enough that the prospect of some bloody good tax reforms might be scuttled by Sharples, Turia and their followers.

But today Alf is looking at the vexing stance the Maori Party has taken on the Prime Minister’s proposal to open up the party’s flagship Whanau Ora programmes to non-Maori.

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Aussies play the perks game too

August 10, 2009

Not only do Kiwi taxpayers cough up plenty for a great deal of the travel undertaken by our MPs and their spouses. Aussie taxpayers throw in a few bucks, too.

Audrey Young blows the whistle in the NZ Herald today, noting that six MPs on the primary production select committee are leaving for Australia today – “but are flying economy class.”

Last year MPs on the justice and electoral committee flew business class.

Taranaki-King Country National MP Shane Ardern will lead the delegation and the costs of the New Zealand MPs in Australia will be met by the Australian Government.
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