Crumbs – it looks like the case for doctoring bread with folic acid is being revisited

May 5, 2012

But why not let us buy a loaf without the folic acid?

Old news about folic acid has been refreshed in a headline in the NZ Herald today.

The headline advises us: Folic acid in bread ‘reduces’ birth risks

But we have known that for a long time.

Alf recalls Annette King launching Folate Awareness Day more than 10 years ago.

She said it was encouraging that the number of babies born in New Zealand with spina bifida continued to decrease.

The number of children born with spina bifida halved in the period between 1988 and 1999. Of all the live births last year, 17 babies were born with this condition, and about 10 still births a year are attributed to spina bifida. While this is still too many, it is an improvement on previous years.

Then she brought folic acid into the picture.

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In defence of pure bread and strong All Blacks

July 13, 2009

Alf’s lobbying for the good folk of Eketahuna to continue getting their daily bread free of folic acid obviously was influential.

He is confident the All Blacks, too, will benefit from his continued campaigning to keep our bread pure.

Today he is cheered to learn that outrageous rules forcing bakers to add folic acid to our bread could be scrapped within months of coming into force – but only if the Government secures a review.

To get the review (thanks to the mire Labour’s Annette King dragged us into) we need Australian agreement.

Is this agreement likely?

Alf strongly suspects we have been subjected to an Aussie plot to nobble the All Blacks by force-feeding us (with King’s apparent connivance) on bread laced with folic acid.
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