If Hone is serious about what he says about Osama, we must suppose he would have paid tribute to Adolf too

May 5, 2011

So what tribute would Hone have paid at this feller's funeral?

Dunno what planet Hone Harawira is inhabiting these days.

He was away out of line in labelling Don Brash a racist

Brash’s concern essentially is that the Maori Party – and Hone’s new party – want to create a privileged group of New Zealanders.

“I want all New Zealanders to have exactly the same rights under the law. He [Hone] wants to give a preference to Maori.”

Today Alf has read that the stroppy Mana Party leader is describing Osama bin Laden as “a man who fought for the rights, the land and the freedom of his people”.

Well, not exactly.

Osama wanted to deprive a lot of people of their rights by subjugating them to Sharia law.

And what people, pray, was he fighting for?

Not the ones who are fighting and giving their own lives – not someone else’s – for democracy in countries like Libya, Syria, Yemen and Egypt.

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Get the bunting ready, Eketahunans, and be prepared for a visit from President Obama

September 1, 2010

Alf is delighted to report something he had previously kept confidential.

But now it’s out in the open, thanks to the Herald and the NZPA.

It’s the story about the closeness of the relationship between John Key and the President of the USA.

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The bellicose bloke who rebuked Burma and its butchers is now letting the buggers come here to study English

April 22, 2010

Must have a word with Murray McCully about the butchers of Burma.

It seems a few of the buggers are being taught English in this country, and Alf’s constituents – all New Zealand taxpayers, actually – are picking up the tab.

More of the Burmese bureaucrats may come here. So what’s up with McCullly?

Does he have some mad plan to turn this country into a Burmese abattoir?

The scandal – and McCully’s namby-pamby attitude to what’s going on – is exposed on Stuff’s web-site today.

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A right royal lesson in coping with recession

June 15, 2009

Alf – a great admirer of royalty and the royals – today salutes his Queen for setting an example on how to lower the household bills in tough times.

In The Herald today, he found this inspiring news from the Observer.

As a 14-year-old, she picked up a spade and joined the rest of wartime Britain in the Dig for Victory campaign. Seven decades later, though no longer wielding the spade herself, the Queen, now 83, has again embraced the “grow your own” movement.

For the first time since the war, fruit and vegetables are to be found in an allotment-sized plot in the gardens of Buckingham Palace.
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US-Canada trade war is bad news for NZ

May 16, 2009

It sounded like the stuff for celebration, especially in farm communities keen to have American trade barriers knocked down.

Barack Obama and Alf’s boss chatted on the phone for 15 minutes on Thursday, and the American President is reported to have been sympathetic to free trade with New Zealand.

Or rather, seemed sympathetic. You miss out on the body language, in a phone call.

“I raised with him the issues of free trade and pointed out to him that it was very important to New Zealand,” Mr Key said. “He seemed sympathetic to that, I thought, and made it clear it was something that was on the agenda for us …”

The Herald reminded us the Obama Administration has yet to decide whether it will continue with talks in the Trans Pacific Partnership, a trade deal that began with New Zealand and Singapore, then Brunei and Chile.

The United States, Australia, Peru, and Vietnam said last year they wanted to join.
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Enough to drive an optimist to drink

April 19, 2009

It had seemed the American economy might be coming right, which meant the world economy could look forward to a recovery, which would be great news for the export-dependent New Zealand economy.

Ben Bernanke, at the Fed, was seeing green shoots; President Obama was seeing glimmers of hope; the stock market was exuding confidence – but Paul Krugman, the Nobel Prize winner who writes for the New York Times, isn’t ready to sound the all-clear.

Ordinarily, that would be enough for Alf to demand Krugman’s arrest, to be tossed into a tumbrel with other gloom-sayers, hauled through the streets of Wellington and be jeered by the populace, then thrown into the stocks for a couple of days.

In this case, extradition proceedings would be required.

More important, Alf concedes Krugman has given four reasons for caution. Maybe we should consider them.
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But may we joke about a crippled economy?

March 21, 2009

Trouble with being the most powerful bloke in the world is that headline-hungry hacks from the news media are apt to make a big deal out of the slightest slip.

But maybe White House media advisers can make a mess of things, and foment political embarrassment, by recommending an apology be made before anyone demands one.
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