Information (they say) is power – so who is getting inside information in the Bay of Plenty?

April 13, 2012

Dunno if Alf would be kicked out, should he try to get in.

But he is curious about a gabfest being organised (and presumably paid for with public money) by the Bay of Plenty Regional Council

The headline on the council’s announcement says –

Top Speakers For Māori-Led Conference

The announcement goes on to say –

Prominent New Zealanders and Māori academics will be speaking at this month’s Tauranga conference for Bay of Plenty Māori.

And –

The conference is aimed at Māori living in, or with an interest in the Bay of Plenty.

Oh dear. Alf is not a Maori. And he does not live in the Bay of Plenty. That seems to rule him out.

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