Do-gooder is wrong – the justice system worked very well in dealing with thuggish child rapist

March 1, 2012

Alf rejoiced when he learned Raurangi Mark Marino had been jailed for 10 years for raping a five-year-old girl as she slept inside her parents’ campervan just before Christmas.

He would have jailed the thug for 30 years or more. But 10 years will get the rascal off the streets for a while.

So what’s all this stuff from a tosser who says prison is not the right place for the teenage monster?

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If they are wearing red they must be members of the Mongrel Mob – right?

January 4, 2012

Here’s hoping the cops soon catch the tosser(s) who stabbed and beat a young man to within an inch of his life in Napier – apparently for wearing a red top.

If they are not caught and locked away for a long time, anyone wearing red will be at risk.

The 24-year-old victim of the New Year’s Day attack was stabbed in the abdomen and suffered significant head trauma and broken ribs in the attack.

The inquiry is headed by Acting Detective Senior Sergeant Emmet Lynch, who said a member of the public who had been in the area during the 2am attack had come forward.

This witness said the group responsible had been using gang language linked to Black Power.

Mr Lynch said neither of the victims had any gang associations and had not provoked the offenders in any way.

One of the pair had however been wearing a red top – the colours of the rival Mongrel Mob gang – and it was believed that sparked the attack.

Alf draws attention to the horrendous implications, when (os should we say “if”) Black Power thugs beat the crap out of anyone they spot wearing red garments.

Little Red Riding Hood would have taken a thrashing, if she happened by while these tossers were looking for rivals in red raiment. Doubtless she would have been ravished for good measure.

Members of the Poyntzpass Silver Band, from a village in Northern Ireland, would be vulnerable to being duffed up. Black Power would probably mistake their instruments for weapons.

The Liverpool soccer team is susceptible to being mistaken for Mongrel Mobsters, too.

The same goes for Chelsea pensioners, from the Royal Hospital Chelsea, a retirement home and nursing home for former members of the British Army.

Come to think of it, the Chelsea Pensioners are a much more likely target for Black Power than the Liverpool soccer team, because they are much older and frailer, and Black Power bullies would be disinclined to try to beat up anyone who looked vaguely likely to hit back.

Much worse than the propositions set out so far, imagine the outcome if Black Power spotted Santa Claus with his sackful of goodies.

One elderly gentleman in red would be no match for a bunch of thugs, and the outcome would be dire for all the little children whose houses Santa had not yet visited. Their Christmas would be ruined.

To avert such a calamity, Alf would have the Black Power rounded up a few weeks before Christmas every year and banged up until Santa had finished his chores.

Actually, Alf would then be tempted to throw away the keys to cells where the Black Power members were banged up, which – oh dear, what a shame, never mind – would mean they could never be released.

Packing our oldies off to Niue is an attractive idea, but maybe it could be turned into a penal colony

December 15, 2010

Sending our oldies here is one idea...sending Black Power here is another.

Alf is a great mate of neighbouring MP John Hayes, down in the Wairarapa, a splendid fellow in most respects although opting to have stomach-stapling surgery seems a somewhat extreme way of losing a bit of weight.

Anyway, he is a former diplomat who chairs Parliament’s foreign affairs committee.

And this committee has come up with a great idea – it reckons we should be shipping elderly retirees off to the warmth of Niue to give the economically broke nation an industry and to save millions of dollars of aid wasted on the remote Pacific island.

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Two deaths, two women before the courts, but just one jail term (and a light one at that)

August 31, 2010

Alf is bothered by two reports from the courts today. He regards them as an invitation to women to do their menfolk a mischief with the reasonable expectation they won’t be too heavily punished, especially if they can come up with a good sob story.

In one case, the woman won’t be punished at all after being cleared of the manslaughter of a West Coast publican.

She was found guilty of hitting the publican, so there is no doubting there was an assault. The judge nevertheless discharged her.

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Sharples and Black Power: forget about the drugs, it’s the tikanga that matters

August 24, 2010

Alf is disappointed but by no means surprised that Maori Party co-leader Pita Sharples has been trying to spare a Black Power stronghold from demolition.

The gang might be a tad cavalier, in the law and order department, with a regrettable inclination to peddle drugs and what-have-you.

But hey, the Maori Party is unabashedly about promoting things Maori and there is bound to come a point where being Maori is more important than being law-abiding.

It happened – for example – with those blokes who roughed up the PM at Waitangi last year, and Hone Harawira proudly spoke on their behalf to tell us what splendid people they were and how we had to understand their grievances.
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Why Rodney should never say never

May 7, 2009

A Bill empowering the Wanganui District Council to make by-laws banning Black Power, the Mongrel Mob, Hell’s Angels and other gangs from designated places such as the central business district and parks was introduced into parliament a year ago.

It started off as a local bill, promoted by Chester Borrows, and last night it was enacted.

Fines of up to $2000 (peanuts for mob members) can be imposed for breaches.

That’s peanuts for mob members, maybe. But as a tough law and order bloke, Alf supported the measure.

Actually, he kind of favours stripping gang members of all their clobber and making the buggers go naked. It’s not easy trying to hide your guns, knives and so on up your bare backside.

Nudity would knock ’em down to size, moreover.

But Alf enjoys a good debate and was impressed by the eloquence of some of its opponents.
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Land grab fears raised in gang crackdown

April 10, 2009

A blow has been struck against gangs with the passing of a law making it easier for the cops to seize the assets and profits illegally obtained by gangs – from the manufacture and supply of methamphetamine, for example.

It’s the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Bill, which repeals the Proceeds of Crime Act 1991 and introduces a new civil forfeiture regime to complement an enhanced criminal forfeiture regime.

Justice Minister Simon Power says senior organised crime figures for too long have been able to hide behind the people they hire to carry out their dirty work.
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