The Joys are bent on having libraries ban a book that has been linked to child abuse

March 29, 2015
Smile, kids - we want to make a good impression on Alf.

Smile, kids – we want to make a good impression on Alf.

Outrage is the emotion one feels about something that strongly offends, insults, or affronts us.

It’s the condition that afflicted Alf last night as he was gathered with fellow Nats at the Kerikeri Golf Club when the results of the by-election were flowing in and it became all too apparent a calamity had happened.

The result meant the 9300 majority chalked up by Mike Sabin in September had been turned to a 4000 majority for (and here Alf must brace before spelling out the words) Winston Bloody Peters.

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The Famous Five become candidates for a book burning as EU sheilas run amok

November 7, 2012

Yep – this could finish up on the EU book-ban list. .

If Alf were a Pom, he would be an ardent campaigner for Britain’s withdrawal from that sad-sack shambles known as the European Union.

His campaigning would be given a huge lift by a just-published report.

This report is obviously the disgraceful product of an over-dose of European political correctness and female hormones.

It also demonstrates a shameful readiness to sanction censorship.

But what would be censored?

Pornography and depravity?


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